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26 December, 2012 06:10

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WhoAmI Animals by Technolio Inc – An Animal sounds app with a twist (FREE for now)

WhoAmI Animals

WhoAmI Animals

WhoAmI Animals by Technolio Inc.

Quick Review: There are tons of Animal identification/sounds apps but this one added some twist to it to make it more challenging. The game is easy, a close-up view of the animal will be shown followed by a voice saying a characteristic of that animal. The child will then have to choose from one of the animals on the three buttons on the left. If they choose correctly the voice will say the animals name followed by an animal sound. See the video below to see this app in action.

IEP Goals/Skills: First Words, Environmental Sounds

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Featured Educational Consultant – Barth Educational Consultants

Barth Educational Consultants

I retired from Tustin Unified School District, where I was a resource specialist, in 2009. I moved back to Fresno, California, where I live with my daughter and grandson, whose daily antics and developing language skills provide constant delight.

I created Barth Educational Consultants so I could continue using my expertise to teach children, teens, and adults, in particular those with dyslexia and autism/Asperger’s.


  • Tutoring for dyslexia and dysgraphia using multisensory strategies and techniques
  • Tutoring in reading, spelling, writing, English language development, and elementary math
  • Reviewing educational apps and guiding parents and teachers in the selection of appropriate apps
  • Providing curriculum support for home-schooling parents
  • Consulting with charter schools and clinics

I provide in-person tutoring in Fresno, and occasional in-person consultation within California.  In addition, I’m available via email, phone, and video calls using ooVoo & Skype.  Eventually, I would like to add virtual tutoring to my services.

I hold California Credentials in Life Standard Elementary and Restricted Deaf/Hard of Hearing as well as CLAD, Resource Specialist, and Level 1 Handwriting Without Tears Specialist certificates.


Phone: 949-294-3424


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Middle School App Discussion – Join in

Here is an interesting observation after giving away so many promocodes.
1. The obvious – highest priced apps will have most requests
2. Little kids apps have the next best.
3. There are some awesome middle school reading/math programs. I didn’t see much reaction. Is it just because most of the intervention is for little kids?

Any thoughts?

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    • Shawna Gray Most of the funding is for younger kids. 😦 Sadly, as the kids progress from division to division, funding is lowered every step of the way. There is rarely $$$ for good quality acc devices. Early intervention is crucial, but so is lifelong follow through.

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Beauty Princess HD: Dress up and Make up game for kids – An app for pretend Play

Beauty Princess HD: Dress up and Make up game for kids

Beauty Princess HD: Dress up and Make up game for kids

Beauty Princess HD: Dress up and Make up game for kids by Libii

Quick Review: Design your own princess character with this dress-up game! It is sure to be a game your kids will love. You get to choose her hair, eyes, skin, dress, tiara, handbag and more. Your princess will stay in different place that you can take a picture for her. Abundant animation effect and numerous dynamic ornament will make your princess more beautiful and vivid.

IEP Goals Covered:  Pretend Play

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FREE/Discounted apps from Momswithapps – App Friday, August 19th

Link to FREE/Discounted Page:

Link to ‘Apps by Goal/Skill’ Page :

Momswithapps –  App Friday, August 19th?

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Promocode giveway on our FB page. Please join in

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