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Slide & Spin by – Another FREE app for Fine motor skills

Slide & Spin

Slide & Spin

Slide & Spin by

Quick Review:  This is designed for little kids but will work well for Finemotor skills development.  Slide & Spin is designed for toddlers aged 1.5+ to help them develop fine motor skills using four basic motions: turning, sliding, spinning, and pushing of a button.

IEP Goals/Skills Covered:  


Wood Puzzle Maze HD By Tropisounds

Wood Puzzle Maze HD
Wood Puzzle Maze HD By Tropisounds
Notes from Developer: From the team that brought you the best selling Wood Puzzle. Wood Puzzle’ Maze simulates classic children’s sliding puzzles. The puzzles are both challenging and educational for the little ones, helping them develop logic and fine motor skills.
IEP Goals/Skills:  Fine Motor, Problem Solving

PLAY-DOH Play-Dates – Very good for following directions

PLAY-DOH Play-Dates – This app is excellent for following directions. Basically it gives step-by-step directions to make some of the objects using Play-doh.  They had this on their website for a while and they packaged it in to an app.  We used to print them and use it. So, having it on iPhone/iPad makes it easier and saves some paper.

IEP Goal: Following directions, Fine Motor, Motor Planning

Don’t have an iPhone/iPad, no worries they are all there on this website.

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Ace Writer – Dolch Sight Words HD Free

Ace Writer - Dolch Sight Words HD Free Lite

Ace Writer – Dolch Sight Words HD Free Lite – Excellent app to teach sight words by writing them. It say the word and the cool feature in this app is it will spell it for you too. It has 4 levels and covers every sight word from Dolch Sight Words.  This has advertisements at the top and bottom but they are not intruding.  

– Pre-Prime
– Prime
– 1st Grade
– 2nd Grade
– 3rd Grade

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