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DialSafe Pro – A wonderful Life skills app (FREE for now)

DialSafe Pro

DialSafe Pro –  Teach your child proper phone usage and safety with an app that lets them actually practice it! DialSafe is designed to teach these critical skills in a kid friendly manner through the use of animated lessons, skill building games, practice sessions, and even a realistic phone simulator.

IEP Goals/Skills Covered: Life Skills

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Toca Hair Salon – A Social Skills app to use before going to Salon

Toca Hair Salon:  This is app comes from the makers of  Toca Doctor & Paint my wings.  This allows kids to do a virtual hair cut on the characters they have.  They some of the typical instruments a hair salon will have.  When you pick scissors and trimmer and move your hand across it will cut/trim or any other action that the item you pick.   Good for teaching pretend play. Also good for social stories. The instrument sounds are realistic so if you have a kid who doesn’t go to the hair salon this will be good to do at home before going there. It is better than the videos as you will be doing the actions.

IEP Goals/Skill Covered: Life Skills, Fine Motor, Pretend Play

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Do you have shopping skills as an IEP Goal? Try Kid Cart.

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Kid Cart –This is called Kid cart but it is truly a shopping list program that can be used with kids to teach shopping skills and with teens/adults to in real world shopping with Picture support. Even Nurotypical Adults can use it to keep track of what they want to buy as it is clearly classified. It is a picture shopping list that allows the individuals to select the items they want to purchase and create a shopping list first and then go to shopping and purchase the items they have just selected and check off the items on the screen. Used this both in teaching setting and real world situations with excellent results. The pictures made it easy for the kid to select what they want. The arrows allows the kids to select the quantity by using up/down buttons.

Tip: Before you actually do the program, you may want to read model it using this excellent resource from Jane Ricard called ‘Alex Goes to shopping’


  1. Allow users to enter their own items.
  2. Is it feasible to read the list?
  3. Print capability
  4. Ability to record actual and complete the shopping. some times you may not have all the items that you want in the store but the way the program is you have to checkoff to close the shopping.  For at home it is easy but for real world it is nice to have how many actually purchased.
Note to Readers: Add any additional wishlist items/issues in the comments.

How I used this program?

Teaching Setting

1. Create a set of 5-10 of each of the groceries you normally buy for the individual (Alternatively you can Download and print ‘Alex goes to shopping print.ppt’ and use the ones available there for teaching if want to save some time).

2. Print the grocery pictures and laminate them.

3. Put all of them on the table just like supermarket will have it.

4. Work with kid to determine what he wants to buy using the program.

5. Go to the shopping (preferably in another room) with a basket to ‘buy’ the groceries selected.

6. Use the program to select which item kid needs to buy and purchase them.

Real world

1. Before going select the shopping list and save it with Name and Date (ex; John 25May 2011) – This allows them to have a concept of time.

2. Go to the supermarket and put the ipad/iphone in the baby seat section of the cart so you can see.

3. Ask them which Asile the first item may be available. Excellent way to put the categorization skill to good use. (If the kid doesn’t know categorization, you may want to teach it using the categorization app)

4. Select the item and put it in the shopping basket.

5. Put the number of items in the shopping cart. I wish there is a way to select how many actually purchased.

6. Move to the next item in the list.

7. With all the items in the shopping basket head to the checkout counter.

Developer Notes

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Job Tips website from Do2Learn – A must read for all the Parents/Teachers

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Job Tips website from Do2Learn is an excellent resource for older students/adults with special needs. It is a step by step guide to reach employment goal.  It starts with an an assessment, job search and  resume writing, interview tips  and more importantly how to keep a job.
This is the first site we have seen with such a comprehensive information. It has videos to show types of jobs and skills required for each job. Overall invaluble resource not only for the students but also for the parents to plan their future and for teacher to gude them.
A must read for all the parents with special needs kids especially those with kids in high school but it is better to start at middle schools.

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Lil’ Kitten Shopping Cart Game – Wonderful app to teach life skills

Lil’ Kitten Shopping Cart Game –I have been looking for this type of app for a while.  The developer advertised this for little ones but this is a great app for older special ed kids who are learning life skills in middle school or in upper grades. This app gives them a shopping list that he kid need to use to buy the items at the lowest price. The setting is pretty close to the real world super market with the isles marked by category along with special deals isle.  You will drag and drop the items to the cart.

IEP Goals/Skills Covered: Money, Life Skills, Shopping

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