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DialSafe Pro – A wonderful Life skills app (FREE for now)

DialSafe Pro

DialSafe Pro –  Teach your child proper phone usage and safety with an app that lets them actually practice it! DialSafe is designed to teach these critical skills in a kid friendly manner through the use of animated lessons, skill building games, practice sessions, and even a realistic phone simulator.

IEP Goals/Skills Covered: Life Skills

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Reading Pal by Funflip Studios (price drop from $0.99 to FREE) – A nice app to test the skills already acquired thru other apps.

Reading Pal

Reading Pal

Reading Pal by Funflip Studios

Quick Review: Nice app to download while it is FREE. It doesn’t have much graphics. This will allow you to test your kids skills when once they learn the phonics, spelling, sightwords etc..


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Toca Hair Salon – A Social Skills app to use before going to Salon

Toca Hair Salon:  This is app comes from the makers of  Toca Doctor & Paint my wings.  This allows kids to do a virtual hair cut on the characters they have.  They some of the typical instruments a hair salon will have.  When you pick scissors and trimmer and move your hand across it will cut/trim or any other action that the item you pick.   Good for teaching pretend play. Also good for social stories. The instrument sounds are realistic so if you have a kid who doesn’t go to the hair salon this will be good to do at home before going there. It is better than the videos as you will be doing the actions.

IEP Goals/Skill Covered: Life Skills, Fine Motor, Pretend Play

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Sightwords BEE – Wonderful Audio Dolch Sight Words app (FREE)

Audio Dolch Sight Words
Sightwords Bee – This comes from the makers of ‘Typing Bee’. This is a wonderful sightwords app that allows kids not only learn sightwords but also teaches Spelling and typing as it has typical keyboard. Check it out. It is FREE, so there is nothing to lose if you have this as IEP Goal/Skill.
IEP Goals/Skill Covered:  Sightwords, Spelling & Listening Comprehension.
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Go dog go book strips

Here is the modified book of Go dog go. Please contact using ‘Contact Us’ page to get the file.

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Brown bear, brown bear comprehension clicker file

This is a clicker file. If you don’t have the program, you can’t open it.

instructions: I just renamed it as doc to trick the system to upload in. When you download and save it on to your hard drive, rename the file to “brownbear_comprehension.clkx” basically remove the .doc at the end.

clicker file link

Modified PECS Book strips for some books I have





Here are some of the books that I modified with PECS.  Since there are several people looking for this, I am putting it online so you can just download them instead of emailing it to everyone. If you have any send them to me.  I will post them here so everyone can benefit.

5 Senses Book Strip

Good Night My Ducklings Book Strip


When I go to Park (i got this at my son’s school fund raising sale. I will put picture up)

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