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Families 2 – A FREE Categorization app

Families 2

Families 2

Families 2 by

Quick Description: Families 2 helps develop important cognitive skills such as: categorization, conceptualization, generalization and abstraction, among toddlers aged 3+ years old. It also helps develop visual perception skills and fine motor skills. With parental assistance it can also develop language skills, for example, by naming the families, objects and colors.

Note: Portion of the app is FREE and the rest is inapp purchase. The inApp doesn’t interfere with the rest.


Low tech and high tech methods to teach categories

Used the following programs to teach the categories using iPad.

Paper based (something similar to this)

Used the

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Teaching Categories – Apps/Resources

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There aren’t that many apps available to teach basic concepts. Most of the apps are colors, shapes, numbers and alphabets.  Here are some resources I found for the categorization. Looks like both apps are new and they have some improvements to make. But if we don’t use it and don’t give feedback there is no incentive for them to improve. so, please download them and give the developer feedback. Besides they are FREE and will help your kid even in the current form.

I want to thank these developers to getting in to these types of apps as we need more and more of them.

NLConcepts Autism: Sort & Categorize

By Natural Learning Concepts

Thia is a great FREE app to teach categories. It has multiple categories  to teach.  This is an iphone app but works fine on iPad too.

How it works?

User is presented with the object at the bottom and they have to select the correct category out of the 4 displayed.  Since each there are lot of pictures in each category, it will also allows the therapist parent to talk about other items in the category and talk about why it belong there.

Great start.Can you improved.


1. No customization available.

2. Say the object name when touched.

Clean Up: Category Sorting

By Different Roads to Learning, Inc.

A Category Game for Young Learners. This teaches 3 categories that are important to the young kids.  Food, Toys and clothes.  We wish there are more categories but this is a good start.

How it works?

User is presented with an object and the user is going to drag and drop the object to basket, toychest or to the closet.


  1. Add more categories
  2. Say the object name when they click on the object so they will hear the object and associate the object with the sound.

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