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26 December, 2012 06:10

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WhoAmI Animals by Technolio Inc – An Animal sounds app with a twist (FREE for now)

WhoAmI Animals

WhoAmI Animals

WhoAmI Animals by Technolio Inc.

Quick Review: There are tons of Animal identification/sounds apps but this one added some twist to it to make it more challenging. The game is easy, a close-up view of the animal will be shown followed by a voice saying a characteristic of that animal. The child will then have to choose from one of the animals on the three buttons on the left. If they choose correctly the voice will say the animals name followed by an animal sound. See the video below to see this app in action.

IEP Goals/Skills: First Words, Environmental Sounds

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Slide & Spin by – Another FREE app for Fine motor skills

Slide & Spin

Slide & Spin

Slide & Spin by

Quick Review:  This is designed for little kids but will work well for Finemotor skills development.  Slide & Spin is designed for toddlers aged 1.5+ to help them develop fine motor skills using four basic motions: turning, sliding, spinning, and pushing of a button.

IEP Goals/Skills Covered:  

Families 2 – A FREE Categorization app

Families 2

Families 2

Families 2 by

Quick Description: Families 2 helps develop important cognitive skills such as: categorization, conceptualization, generalization and abstraction, among toddlers aged 3+ years old. It also helps develop visual perception skills and fine motor skills. With parental assistance it can also develop language skills, for example, by naming the families, objects and colors.

Note: Portion of the app is FREE and the rest is inapp purchase. The inApp doesn’t interfere with the rest.

DialSafe Pro – A wonderful Life skills app (FREE for now)

DialSafe Pro

DialSafe Pro –  Teach your child proper phone usage and safety with an app that lets them actually practice it! DialSafe is designed to teach these critical skills in a kid friendly manner through the use of animated lessons, skill building games, practice sessions, and even a realistic phone simulator.

IEP Goals/Skills Covered: Life Skills

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My First 1,000 Words – Flashcards and Games by Alligator Apps – A must have starter app (FREE for now)

My First 1,000 Words – This is a wonderful starter app and a must have app for starter ABA.  It has so many pictues categorized and you can even customize and add your own. Even if your kid is outgrown from first words, this will serve as a maintenance drill app.

Wood Puzzle Maze HD By Tropisounds

Wood Puzzle Maze HD
Wood Puzzle Maze HD By Tropisounds
Notes from Developer: From the team that brought you the best selling Wood Puzzle. Wood Puzzle’ Maze simulates classic children’s sliding puzzles. The puzzles are both challenging and educational for the little ones, helping them develop logic and fine motor skills.
IEP Goals/Skills:  Fine Motor, Problem Solving