This is a website to collect and share tools, hardware and applications available for the enhancement of technology in edudcation with emphasis in Special education.  We have been collecting material over the last 7 years. This is our attempt to put together all that information in a categorized format so parents, educators and other professionals who work with kids with special needs can benefit from the knowledge we already acquired.

  • We  parent of special needs and Neurotypical  kids. We have been working with our kids for the last 4 years. We think technology can make a significant difference in the lives of special needs kids.  We are always looking for a tools to help our kids. This blog is our attempt to share those technologies with others.  

Our Goal with this Blog
  • Our review are for not verbose or poetic.  They are objective and with detailed analysis of the apps/tools.  We spend a lot of time working on the tool/app before writing a review.   We also  communicate with the developers to collect additional information and interact with them to learn all the features available.   The final product is a thought provoking review with all the features available. We also include the tips for parents/therapists, alternative uses of the apps/tools, issues if any and enhancement requests and finally wishlist.
Value Proposition
  • Parents – We  try to provide unbiased information to the parents so they can decide whether to buy or not.
  • Teachers and Therapists – Some thought provoking ideas on how this can be used in classroom/therapy sessions
  • Developers – How best to improve their products and alternative uses/marketing ideas

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