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Middle School App Discussion – Join in

Here is an interesting observation after giving away so many promocodes.
1. The obvious – highest priced apps will have most requests
2. Little kids apps have the next best.
3. There are some awesome middle school reading/math programs. I didn’t see much reaction. Is it just because most of the intervention is for little kids?

Any thoughts?

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    • Shawna Gray Most of the funding is for younger kids. 😦 Sadly, as the kids progress from division to division, funding is lowered every step of the way. There is rarely $$$ for good quality acc devices. Early intervention is crucial, but so is lifelong follow through.

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    • Juanita Whitehurst I guess it’s difficult to tell how much the audience varies; I missed the middle school promos. 😦 Could be a trend also of moms/dads/grands with younger children searching for apps, too. I also searched for apps for my new grandson in addition to my caseload; Recently bought my iPad and now I have lots of new apps to learn to use! Thanks!!!

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    • Amy Chester

      My kids are 7 and 10 yrs old. There isn’t much for them that utilizes the idevice format that I’ve found. Interesting games for their skill level in math and reading are few and far between. They aren’t quite ready for ereader books but are…See More
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    • Gina Carrera I can only afford free and yet to get my iPad also I have to use free wifi in order to download and store for the future. Tiny window of opportunity but happy it’s out there, thank you! : )

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    • Vicky Castle Here in Ireland the fb community for autism only really took off 3 years ago and was mainly parents of newly diagnosed children looking for support from others in similar situation very few parents of older children ie secondary level on here. It was through fb I and many others discovered the power of apple products. This would explain the slow uptake of codes for older kids here anyway.

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    • Loraine Matthews I need apps for older age group with special needs. Most of the apps are either for toddlers or need good reading skills. I’d love apps based on older kids interests but with same goals as those for younger kids.

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    • Diane Conner

      I too need apps for the older kids that read at lower levels. As a teacher I want to see an app in action or have a referral from someone that has used it and feels it effective. It takes a lot of time to give an app a trial run even if it …See More
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    • Amy Knox Like many Auties my son is in middle school but works on a kindergarten or first grade level. Apps are tricky because many are too babyish and others are too difficult! But thats okay thanks to resources like yours we are “finding” some gems…THANK YOU!

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    • Stephanie O’Neil Morris my kids are 8, 6 & 20mo so the age range does fit for us. but i can see what everyone is saying. there should be more thought to “tween” apps.

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    • Michelle Palmini Miller I absolutely agree with Lorraine about needing apps for older kids that are more age appropriate but with the skill level of younger children. I’d be buying them!

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    • Lucy Nutt Shouldn’t be…awareness is just higher. We need good middle age apps.

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    • Susan Lucchese Definitely a need for age appropriate apps. Definitely in the market for apps that will help with older students!

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    • Trish Landers Bower

      Oops, didn’t mean to hit return! What I meant to say is, it’s more difficult to arrange for apps for our middle school and high school aged kids because there don’t seem to be as many out there and what is there doesn’t seem to be getting …See More
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    • Wendy Grant hard to find middle school based apps\

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    • Gab Sp I need apps for older kids! My students are in 7–8 grade. I have a hard time finding apps that are age appropriate but functional….

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    • Technology in Education Both these developers produce somewhat advanced apps that is meant for typical or older special needs children. I will have them join in to discussion and explain.
      1. e Skills Learning – Reading series
      2. iDevBooks (Esa Helttula) – idevbooks

      The idevbooks math apps are used by parents and schools around the World. They are made to be easy to use by every child.

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    • idevbooks

      Thank you for inviting me to take part in this interesting discussion. My design principle with my 17 math apps has been to avoid all unnecessary features and decorations. But at the same time make them as flexible as possible. The result i…See More
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    • Barbara DeLarwelle looking for very diverse apps here…toddler apps for two year old…learning apps for autistic nine year old…and a nice mix for gifted 11 year old.

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    • Rebecca Jacobs I work with students of all ages and I feel like there are a lot more apps for younger kids and not many for the older elementary/middle age. I guess I have missed the promos for those.

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    • e Skills Learning

      I carried my background of hi interest easy reading publishing into the mobile learning area. We write our apps using readability formulas to control the reading level. To appeal to older students we try to make the apps non-age specific. E…See More
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    • e Skills Learning Regarding the earlier comment about the time it takes to review apps, look at the selection rubric that we developed. I have been doing various workshops on the topic at state technology shows. http://bitly.com/fhcW3X

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  1. Maureen
    August 23, 2011 at 10:27 am

    I think when the kids get to a certain age. Parents just stop fighting for services because the therapist have stopped evolving. They only develop programs for the lower functioning young child and when that child outgrows those they don’t have anything else for them. Nothing against the therapist but that is just what I see. The older kids get bored and it is more of a fight to get them to go to therapy. Cost start to outway benefits for some families. Things are changing but not fast enough. For us, we are looking for different types of apps. Apps that teach inferences, idioms, how to think visually, in academic apps. Also, apps that are truly fun but teach at the same time. It is hard to achieve for some subjects I guess. I keep saying it but we really need a spelling app for school reading list that is FUN, like stack the states. Some type of adventure app or angry bird type app for the older kids. By the way, I love that the developers are putting better apps out all the time. Thanks

  2. Courtney
    August 23, 2011 at 10:59 am

    I do not agree with Maureen about the therapist/therapy part of her post but, I LOVE all her thoughts about apps!! Idioms, inferences, spelling, all would be great!!! I would also love to see apps that teach the pre-k to 2nd grade skills but geared towards older kiddos… My 11yo is reading at a K grade level. He needs to learn the skills the apps for younger kids teach, but he has no interest in the content…

    I also missed the Middle School / Tween apps….
    I wonder if your audience is comprised of more parents with younger kiddos… so you had less response to the apps for older kids? I know when I first checked out your site I almost didn’t sign up for your emails. It seemed to me, much of the content was for younger kiddos.

    Thanks for all you do, as I have found some great apps from your reviews!

  3. August 24, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    I’m working on putting together app suggestions for middle school kids, with and without special needs. It’ll probably be a few separate posts, as I did find quite a few out there in several categories. I’ll be starting with reading. I hope to have that up by the weekend.

    Some I’ve reviewed already on my blog, others I’ve used but not reviewed. A few are designed for younger kids, but depending on your child/student, they might still benefit from them.

    There are some I’ve only seen in the app store, while researching this idea. I’ll post them, but can’t vouch for them one way or the other.

    Some of the more difficult apps might be accessible to kids with special needs if they have some support, either a sibling, partner in the classroom, or an adult.

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