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Reading Pal by Funflip Studios (price drop from $0.99 to FREE) – A nice app to test the skills already acquired thru other apps.

Reading Pal

Reading Pal

Reading Pal by Funflip Studios

Quick Review: Nice app to download while it is FREE. It doesn’t have much graphics. This will allow you to test your kids skills when once they learn the phonics, spelling, sightwords etc..


Notes from developer


Do you want your child to learn to read? Reading Pal is a great way for your child to practice Alphabet sounds, Phonics, Sight Words, new vocabulary words and more. You can practice the preloaded sounds and words or add any word and sound you want.

* Comes preloaded with alphabet sounds and common 2 and 3 letter sounds, sorted by sound so it’s easier to learn.

* Completely customizable. You can use the words and sounds we give you or you can create your own. Your child can practice new spelling words, sight words or vocabulary words.

* Detailed scoring – After each test, your scores are saved and you have the option to email your test results to anybody you want.

* So Easy Your Kids Will Practice By Themselves
Reading Pal was designed so that students could make tests and practice on their own. It’s a breeze to add words, take tests and see your scores.

* Take It Anywhere Anytime
When you install Reading Pal on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, your child can practice her words anytime, anywhere. Have her practice while you are driving, waiting in lines, or at home.

* Saves You Hours Of Time
Let’s face it. We could all use a few more minutes each day. What if your child could have more fun practicing his words and sounds and do it all by himself? He learns to do his homework on his own and you’ll never have to repeat the same words again.

* Start by practicing the alphabet, 2, and 3 letter sounds that are preloaded with the app.
* When you are ready, take a test to see how well you know those sounds.
* Then move on to creating your own new tests with words you can customize.
* You can take a reading test or a spelling test. In a reading test, you hear a word and you need to click on the flash card that has the same word. In spelling test, you hear a word and you need to type the word correctly.

* See Scores
– Each time you take a test, you will know which words you got right and which ones you got wrong.
– You can see your child’s improvement with each test.
– Even if you don’t watch your child take the test, you can see which words he or she got wrong afterwards.

* Email Results
– You can even email the results after taking a test if you want to share it with teachers or your parents.

* This application works on all generations of iPhone.
* This application works on iPod Touch but requires a microphone to be attached to record words.

If you are looking for an app to help your children with homework, spelling, vocabulary and reading, this app will provide you with the flexibility to continue to challenge your kids every step of the way.


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