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Toca Hair Salon – A Social Skills app to use before going to Salon

Toca Hair Salon:  This is app comes from the makers of  Toca Doctor & Paint my wings.  This allows kids to do a virtual hair cut on the characters they have.  They some of the typical instruments a hair salon will have.  When you pick scissors and trimmer and move your hand across it will cut/trim or any other action that the item you pick.   Good for teaching pretend play. Also good for social stories. The instrument sounds are realistic so if you have a kid who doesn’t go to the hair salon this will be good to do at home before going there. It is better than the videos as you will be doing the actions.

IEP Goals/Skill Covered: Life Skills, Fine Motor, Pretend Play


  • Wish the instruments goes with the finger when you pick them. For example, you select scissors but when you cut there is no scissors. I am sure this is a simple fix the developer can do.


  • The instruments there are pretty basic instruments but more instruments used by the hair Salon will make this even better.
  • If there is a way to include our own picture and let the kids decide how they want to be cut when they go to the salon will be much better 🙂 basically take a picture when kids hair is grown and try to cut it using this app and decide on the hairstyle they like.

Developer Notes

– Cut and trim hair with the scissors and electric hair trimmer
– Use the hair dryer to style the final hair cut
– 12 hair colors to choose from!
– Use the magic potion G.R.O. to make the hair grow back again!
– Six cute characters that make fun faces and sounds while you cut their hair!
– No rules or stress – play any way your kids want to!
– Kid-friendly interface!
– No banner advertising
– No in-app purchases

Let your kids be a hair stylist for a day! Choose between six cute characters and cut and style them in whatever way you want. They make funny faces and sounds while you style them, and feels like you’re cutting real hair! But without the cleaning up afterwards of course. And with the magic potion G.R.O. you can grow all the hair back again whenever you want.

Featuring the following characters:
* Harry (the red-head)
* Berry (the bear)
* Mary (pink hair)
* Rita (from Helicopter Taxi!)
* Larry (the lion)
* Fuzz (the dog)

Toca Hair Salon is made for kids age 3 and above, but many parents have been know to get addicted pretty quick too…

As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want!

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