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First Vehicle Book – Good app to teach generalization skill By Santpal Dhillon

First Vehicle Book

First Vehicle Book

Quick Review: This app teaches all types of vehicles.  There are tons of apps for in this category. The beauty of this app is that it not only teaches the vehicles but also generalizes it.  For every vehicles type there are few real/different  photographs makng it easy to generalize the skills. It also allows you to add your own pictures to make it more user friendly.

Notes from Developer

First Vehicle Book for Kids is a great and interactive app to let your kids learn about different vehicles and the general alphabet. Your little one can browse through all vehicles quickly, recognizing it by colorful and kid-friendly illustrations. In addition to superb vehicle illustrations, the app also has real images of different vehicles.

This fun and interactive app is much better than board books or flash cards. Your kid on grasp and associate these to real life objects. You can even add your own pictures to help your child easily and quickly relate to the vehicle.

The app also contains an easy quiz to help your kid learn names of vehicles and associate them with the vehicle sounds and their pronunciations.

App features:
– Kid-friendly beautiful vehicle illustrations
– Real vehicle pictures
– Real vehicle sounds
– Pronunciation of vehicle names
– Ability to add pictures from your iPhone to the existing vehicle pictures
– Play slideshow of the pictures
– Quiz to recognize the vehicles
– Includes 14 popular vehicles
– In app purchase to buy and unlock more vehicles

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