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iCommunicate By Grembe Inc. – Visual suport tool with zillion icons that will save your day when you need them

iCommunicate -Create pictures, flashcards, storyboards, routines, and visual schedules. Record custom audio in any language. Converts any words with Text to Speech that do not have custom audio recorded. We include 10000+ pictures  to get you started. Add pictures with your camera, or from your camera roll, or use online image search. Utilize as audio visual prompting tool or AAC device.
♦ Now over 10,000 SymbolStix images available, load from Info tab
♦ Print Storyboards with iOS 4.2
  1. Visual schedule – Create a Schedule and print it out if you want. We don’t print as we use iphone version we can carry around. We created several daily schedules such as ‘Morning routine’, ‘Evening Walk’ etc..
  2. Choice Boards – Ths can be used to create category pages.  I like asking my kid what color is the car and what type of car. We have these created a choice boards so he can answer them without carrying his SGD around.
Wish List
  • With 10000 symbols it is huge and even with search it is difficult. it is nice to have them filter by category on search page.
IEP Goals/Skills:  Visual Supports
Overall Impression
  • With over 10,000 icons, you have the most comprehensive list of icons for every scenario you can think of.  The user interface is easy to use. If the icon is not present,  (for example, I needed an ethnic food icon that SymbolStix didn’t had)  and I was able to  search google and add it to the schedule.
  • The other major feature I like is Speech Generation. I hate recording for each picture. I just want to type and let the system read it.  This app will do that with a text to voice software used for developing this product.
  • Overall Great product
Notes from Developer
With help of iCommunicate for iPad application you can make pictures, flashcards, storyboards and visual schedules. There are 2types of storyboards such as 10×4 – up to 10 pictures down by 4 pictures across and Task Completion in which you can view, swipe and move forward your picture at once.Features included in this Application:
– Record custom audio in any language
– Change any words of text in Speech
– Add more than 100 images
– Add images from camera or use Google image search
– Use audio visual prompting tool or AAC device
– Add and remove checkmark to mark task completed
– Support CMU Flite and Politepix OpenEars libraries
– Read helps section to get tip and ideas for use
  1. Wendy Grant
    August 14, 2011 at 9:01 am

    This is one of my favorite apps. It’s limited only by your imagination .Developers listened and provided symbols plus easy access to google images. A must have app.

  2. justdiana1
    August 16, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    Refered by TechInSpecialEd – This app looks like the answer to creating both visual schedules and social stories. As an SLP, I’d love to have it on our school pilot program iPads!

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