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eDocReader – New FREE Pdf annotator with lot of additional features and no ads


eDocReader By NIPPON INFORMATION CO.,LTD. – This is similar to the pdf notes before except this seems much more efficient with additional features. The best part is this is much faster in loading docs and handling the page scroll.

url: http://tinyurl.com/3ohchzq 

Additional features that we like

  1. Tabbed interface that displays multiple files.   If I want to the kids to read a ebook (pdf) and answer some questions then this is useful. They can tab back and forth betweeen book and worksheet.
  2. Bookmark pages – This is helpful if you are on 4th of the 50th page and doesn’t have to remember to go back there.  Pdf notes also does this by taking you directly to the last page you are on before closing it.
  3. The text typed is directly displayed in the doc instead of icon that Pdf notes does.
  4. Zoom feature to write more precisely.
  5. There are no ads in this app
  6. There is another features listed but not tested is this meeting feature where you can share this doc with others if everyone has this add on.
Notes from Developer
[Main Features]
– Display multiple PDF files in a tabbed interface that allows to instantly change between tabs.
– Bookmark pages within a PDF and access them instantly.
– View bookmarked pages as a thumbnail list and select thumbnails to view them.
– View document pages as a thumbnail list; select any thumbnail to display the page.
– Add drawings and text with Drawing Mode; make more precise edits using Magnifier Mode. Keyboard entry is also supported.[AddOn Features]
Personal Area Meeting
Allows you to conduct a paperless meeting over a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth.
Purchasing the Personal Area Meeting AddOn from the Settings screen will allow you to:
– Send and receive documents from other devices connected via Personal Area Meeting
– Synchronize viewing actions between connected devices (page turns, drawings displayed on other devices)
– Connect with up to 10 devices (Up to 4 devices with Bluetooth. Total number of devices may vary based on actual network conditions).
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  1. Helena
    August 11, 2011 at 8:43 am

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  1. August 6, 2011 at 7:30 am

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