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Kandy Fish – Pre-school app that teaches true basic skills such as patterns/sorting

Kandy Fish
Kandy Fish – We are glad to see punflay deviating from coockie cutter apps such as letters/colors/shapes and went a little bit further to build skills. In this app, they covered several basic skills such as patters/sorting skills in this engaging app.

How it works?
It has 4-Basic modes and each mode teaches different skills listed below with engaging graphics.   The ebook at the center of the book can be read by the kid or student or played as a video.  They are all meant for pre-school kids but can be used with older specail needs kids who have these skills in their IEP goals.

Skills covered
  • Patterns
  • Sort by Color
  • Shapes with fine motor
  • Colors with coloring
  • Reading
Notes from Developer
Kandy Fish-3D animated picture book for preschoolers
Dive undersea to play and learn about shapes, colors, and directions with the colorful Kandy Fish.
Watch a lively video and enjoy 4 fun learning activities in this adorable 3D animated picture book from Punflay.Kandy Fish has been specially designed to teach your child, simple preschool concepts. With developmental milestones in mind, the app has been carefully crafted to introduce age-appropriate concepts in a fun and engaging interface.Your preschooler will love watching the whimsical Kandy Fish teach them simple concepts. Play the video and watch the vibrant fish come alive on your iPad. Voiceover and text highlighting allow kids to follow the story easily. There’s even a lilting tune that little ones will want to listen many times over. Kids will have fun seeing the fish form a straight line, triangle, square, and a circle. Upward and downward arrows demonstrate the concept of up and down while the fish swim to the left and right teaching your child the concept of left and right. Not to miss how your child will love seeing the fish form a beautiful rainbow. What a fantastic way for kids to learn their colors!

Also included in the app are the following 4 exciting activities that stimulate learning.

Kolor Pots
This is a color match activity that lets kids drag and drop fish in their respective colored buckets.
Kandy Fun
Kandy Fun is a simple pattern recognition activity where little ones will have to figure out which fish comes next to complete the pattern.
Kandy Time
This is a great activity to develop eye-hand coordination. Kids can get a lot of practice tracing a straight line, triangle, square, circle and even directions.
Kandy Kolor
Little fingers can paint beautiful pictures using a color palette with many color choices.

There’s a whole lot of fun and learning to be enjoyed in this app.

•3D animated picture book
•Simple text with highlighting and voiceover
•Beautiful undersea setting
•Learn about shapes, colors, and directions
•4 fun learning activities to stimulate learning
•Lively music
•Helps with pre-reading skills
•Activities to develop eye-hand coordination
•Patter recognition activity to help with pre-math skills

Features in our upcoming update:

♣Kandy Fish stickers
♣More cool animation to keep little ones engaged
♣One more animated video with 4 new activities

  1. Melanie
    August 5, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    I’m very excited about this app. It is so much more than I thought. The activities look great!

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