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Speech Journal – Multi purpose app to build social stories, schedules and more

Speech Journal Speech Journal – Speech Journal is a voice recorder and picture album combined in to one.  This is meant to be used to help struggling students to improve speech with visual supports and by speech therapists during their sessions. For example, if the student is unable to express what happened during the school day, you can ask the teacher/aid to take the pictures and let the student come home and use the picture support to explain what happened and record it so you can work with them to improve the speech and/or communication.

I used this to build a social stories and picture schedule to test out the app.   It was easy to create the social story with the pictures already taken during our trip to the grocery store. So, we have all the images in the ipad.  Since our kid uses the Speech Generating Device (SGD), we used it to record instead of the voice.   Kids will get a kick out of replying this as this is their own story built by themselves.

The second activity I did is use it as a picture schedule.  In this case also we had all the pictures so we created a schedule using the Pictures and the SGD.  The difficulty in using this as Picture schedule is that there is no pause button (at least that we know of). So, you have to essentially record it and show what is coming up. I am sure the Kyle (Developer) can add this easily if it is not already.

There are several possible uses with this.  You can download google maps and ask the student to record the directions using this.

  1. If you don’t record anything after the picture is added, it will not store it without any warning.  You can avoid it by just storing something for each picture.
  2. You can only append to the story but you can’t correct or remove when once it is saved. This will become difficult if you use it to build social stories. If there is a mistake in one of the social story pages you have to re-record everything.
  1. Make the playback full screen by default and add an option in the playback if somone wants to playback in a small screen mode.
  2. Add Pause button during playback so that we can pause at every picture. This is especially important if we use it as scheduling or to teach directions.
  3. Allow parents/Therapists/teachers to store the pictures prior to the session so they don’t have to waste the time during the session.  This also reduces the frustration to the kids.  The work around that I found is by recording something like instruction and let them over write during the session.
  4. Allow the parents/therapists to share the social stories. Currently the email option sends it as image and voice seperatly but i would like to get this full file so you can play them back in others iPad if they have the app. This builds a community of users sharing their Speech Journals.
  5. Allow this to export it as a video if possible so users can upload them and share the success stories with their therapists/teachers or grand parents 🙂
Overall Impression
  • Extremely thought out app with so many uses.  Highly recommended for parents/professionals working with speech delay or communication  issues.
Video Demo by the developer

Notes from Developer

Speech Journal is a customizable voice recorder that you pair recorded messages with your own imported images and image sequences.  Uses for Speech Journal include:

– Customized picture sequences
– Multi-step picture schedules
– Multi-step directions
– Articulation drill and carryover
– Expressive language exercises
– Individualized social stories
– Sample conversations
– Personal diary
– Creating family vacation picture albums

Speech Journal can also function as a basic voice output augmentative communication device for children with limited verbal ability.

Any image from your photo album can be imported into Speech Journal. In addition, iPad2 users can use the on-board camera to create new images within the application. Once you have selected an image, you can create a voice recording to go with the image. Once you have completed a recording, you can play, erase, or save the image/recording pair. You may also add more recordings and images to the recording, creating a slideshow. Previously saved recordings may be re-opened and have as many recordings and images added to them as you like.

Speech Journal gives parents and speech language professionals an unlimited amount of flexibility to create speech activities and generate speaking opportunities that best suit the needs of their children.

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