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Smartypants assessments – Sort of smarty pants lite

Who's a Smarty Pants?

Smartypants assessments  – This is sort of Lite version of Smarty Pants to eval Kids skill level. When I reviewed this app first time, we thought the eval is the best part of the app. So, they forked out the best part and released as a FREE app.

You may also be interested in  Smarty Pants. Please take a look.

Notes from Developer

How do your child’s reading skills compare to those of other children their age?

Have your child take our Smarty Pants Assessment and find out.

The Smarty Pants Assessment test will evaluate your child’s proficiency in five skill areas that students are typically expected to master between preschool and 2nd grade:

1. letter knowledge
2. phonemic awareness
3. phonics
4. simple ‘phonetic’ words
5. and irregular ‘sight’ words.

In less than 10 minutes, we’ll show you exactly where your child excels relative to standard grade-level expectations and where they might benefit from some extra attention.

We’ll even calculate your child’s percentile rank relative to thousands of other children who have taken the same Smarty Pants Assessment test.

And don’t worry. No matter how your child does, our gang of cheering kids will make your child feel like a budding Smarty Pants ☺

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