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Touch & Say – basic social skills for ASD

Touch & SayTouch & Say Nice littel app to teach several skills but I am especially impressed with the ‘Look’ section. It gives visual clues to teach the directions  up/down, left/right etc..

The other modules are also nice including repetition of words said like ‘Talking Tom’, emotions, colors.  Nice little app to try and see if it works for your kid.

Developer Notes:

“Touch & Say” is an activity app for early development in children. “Touch & Say” provides six activities for your child to practice these basic social skills:
– Verbalization
– Emotion recognition
– Color recognition
– Following directives
– Directed gaze (a key step in developing joint attention)

“Touch & Say” is for developmentally young children, including most children ages 1-4, and also young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) who may have delayed development in social skills.

“Touch & Say” is based on lessons learned during a pilot study with the Autism Center of Pittsburgh exploring the use of Interbots’ “Popchilla” robot as a therapy tool. This pilot study took place in fall 2010 and was supported by the Sprout Fund MicroSpark program. The six activities in “Touch & Say” were used with Popchilla to attempt to stimulate social skill development in children with ASD. We have compiled these exercises into a single app designed for standalone use without a robot.

“Touch & Say” is provided as a potential tool for parents and children. Interbots make no claims or guarantees about child development outcomes from using “Touch & Say.”

We are continuing to explore technology for developing children, including robotics and interactive applications. Do you have feedback or suggestions for us? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at lets-support@interbots.com

If you’d like to learn more about our work with robots & ASD, please visit http://www.interbots.com/blog/autism-therapy/

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