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Reading Monster 1 My Family and I, Growing Up – Best interactive book for comprehension (FREE)

Reading Monster 1

 Reading Monster 1 My Family and I, Growing Up –

This is one of the best books to teach comprehension that I have seen.  Very nicely done. It is 74 pages long and it covers a lot of ground.  I wish I can print it and use it.   It is not too complicated so early learners can use this book with no problem.  It has so many features to explore. I haven’t even explored all but so far it has pen to write/mark, pop-up menu to select the answers and a keyboard to type the answers.

Important notes:

1. The help section is in foriegn Language so the navigation is tough as we don’t know ho

2. The app crashes if you use the navigation at the bottom.

Bottomline: Even with these major issues, I think it is worth downloading as the developer is going to fix the bugs and write the instructions in English. If he doesn’t we can ask one of our FB fans to translate it for us :-).  I would pay for it if the developer fixes the bugs as I am so much interested in to this for my own kid.

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Notes from developer

Stepping stone from picture books to reading skill books, Reading Monster is finally out in App!

Reading Monster is a basic skill book for children starting to read in English.
Reading Monster 1 covers a variety of topics that help kindergarteners and lower graders understand themselves, family, and neighbors. With simple and easy topics, the young learners can have a better understanding of themselves.
Enjoy reading in English with the amazing Reading Monster Application, which offers reading and listening at the same time!

[Reading Monster’s Target Learners]
★Children starting to read in English
★Children from K-5 to G-2.

[Reading Monster‘s Characteristics]
★Enjoy stories written by excellent storybook writers in the U.S.
★Practice reading skills through various and fun writings
★Acquire reading skills by answering interactive questions

[Reading Monster’s Components]
★Picture Reading: Read pictures rather than letters first.
★New Words: Learn the words to know before reading the story.
★Stop and Look: Discover the fun hidden in the pictures from the story.
★Think and Speak: Practice speaking after reading the story.
★Reading Practice: Answer comprehension questions based on the story.
★Word Practice: Use the new words in a sentence.
★Skill Practice: Develop comprehension skills.
★Listening Practice: Learn important expressions through chants.
★Writing Practice: Write sentences based on the story.

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