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Sequencing! – Nice app for sequencing

Sequencing  – This is a simple sequence cards app that will allow users to put the pictures in sequence. We really like the use of frst, then and last to give the kids opportunity to learn these words and understand what they mean.  There only few sequencing apps available so it is refreshing to see this app.


1. The word diappear as soon as you move the picture there. It will be nice if the pictures go on top so parents/teachers can use this to explain the vocabulary and also to retell what happend. (ex: First you put the seed in, then it will grow and last it will blossom etc..)

2. Limited selection- There are only few sequences. It could use more sequences.


1. It is nice to who some sort of animation/video before so the kids will review first and answer them. This is especially true for the

2. Ability to add our own pictures to the se1ence. For example, I may want to teach how to make sandwich etc..

3. Customization- Especially for special ed, we may want to only use the ones that we want to work on.

Overall Impression

Very nice little app but could use some additional pictures.

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Developer Notes

Sequencing is a very important concept that is introduced in preschool and continues throughout a child’s academic career. It helps children to retell a story, build comprehension skills and eventually writing skills.

I created this app to help children organize a story visually plus introduce the use of transition words that include first, next and last. The images are colorful and appealing. Your child is immediately rewarded with a burst of starts when the task is completed correctly.

This app has both an educational value and an entertaining significance. It can be a fun, interactive tool for either parents and/or teachers of young children. In addition, children with special needs can benefit from using this type of visual and auditory instruction.

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