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My First Words – Best ABA Starter Program

I know how it feels to be waiting for help to arrive. As soon as your kid is diagnosed, you want to start the therapy and do something.  But it takes time to actaully start the therapy for several reasons. This app will fill the gap also helps you even after you have the ABA program as this may be the most engaging way to teach the kids at an early age.  There are other flashcards apps available but this one has everything included in one app and it costs nothing to try and if you like it also it is cheap to purchase rest of the modules ($0.99).  The best part about this app is that you can add your own pictures to customize the app to meet your kids individual needs.


To start with it has 13 categories of which 6 are unlocked and 7 are locked.  To unlock all, it costs $0.99 cents. It is well worth paying $0.99 but don’t do it until you have tested it out to ensure it meets your needs.

Play Modes

There are two modes. first one is learn mode in which you will go thru the cards one at a time (field of 1) or field of 4 or Field o 6. When once you are ready to test, you can use the Game mode to test the  progress.


The app is designed to be customizable but weird things (the tiles will be missing and the letters will appear very small etc..)  will happen when you do that. So, don’t try it at this time until developer releases an updated version.


1. Ability to hide certain cards.  Currently if you want to teach only 4 items you can’t do it without deleting all the items you don’t need which will be very painful and not recommended.

Overall impression

Great Starter app for ABA and for that matter any Neuro typical little kids but it is designed more as an ABA app.  You can’t beat the price. It is FREE and there is no reason not to try.  I use it even with older kids to maintain the skills and some of the words they may not have been exposed to so it is good for even older Special needs kids.

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