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Play ‘n’ Say Flashcards – New, creative and innovative way to create and use Flashcards in Education

Play ‘n’ Say Flashcards – It is so refreshing to see this company used the features of the iOS to create innovate flashcards. These are not just flashcards but will allow users to interact with them using their own voice. There are 2 levels (basic and advanced) based on users skill level.

In the basic version, user is presented with the object (vehicle or house hold item) and the app will say it first and ask the user to repeat it.  It will take whatever sound is produced. Good for non-verbal kids who can’t say it correctly. It will even take a tap on the device as input.   This acts as ’cause and effect’ instead of speech recognition.  But that is what is required when the kid is non-verbal.  In our case, I used my son’s talker to have him say the word. I am interested in getting him to use the app correctly. For him,  his talker is his voice.   After some time, I asked him to repeat it.  The reward is the animation that follows after the app recognizes some sound.  AWESOME way to use all the features to create a great app.

In the advanced version, the app expects the user to say it correctly at correct voice level and pronunciation.  I used this with an kid who is in ESL program and it worked beautifully.  It gave some good feedback, telling it is too loud, try again etc..   Ofcourse the reward is appreciation and animation that follows. The animation is not some weird thing popping up but matches real world.

I used to use similar program for which I paid $200 and it is not as user friendly as this one.   So, this is more than ‘Bang for the Buck’.  After all it is FREE. You can’t beat the price so go get it if you are in need for something like this.

Overall Impression – This company has great future if they continue to develop similar apps.  I have to Thank them for developing this awesome app. Keep up the good work Acoco Interactive.  

Developer Notes

Speech recognition technology gives kids a new way to interact with the world around them! With this unique flashcard app, children say the names of everyday household items and are delighted by fantastic animations and encouraging feedback. Say “Refrigerator” and the door swings open! Say “Toaster” and the toast pops out and lands on the plate!

The iPhoneMom.com says of the first Play ‘n’ Say app (Play ‘n’ Say Vehicles!): “There is so much that can be done with this concept that I’m betting this is the beginning of a whole series of Play ‘n’ Say flashcard apps from Acoco Interactive.” Now, to celebrate the launch of Play ‘n’ Say House!, Acoco is pleased to offer Play ‘n’ Say Vehicles, for free!

Kids love to play house and say the names of the things they find at home. With Play ‘n’ Say House, the speech recognition feature evaluates your child’s speech and animates the household item if the correct name for the item is spoken. For younger kids and noisy environments, the Basic Play option turns speech recognition off but still rewards users with the same fun animations as Advanced Play.

Beautiful graphics are a delight to a child’s eyes. Touch triggers amusing animations. Speech triggers longer animations and encouraging feedback.

Your kids will love interacting with Play ‘n’ Say House – another great app from Acoco Interactive!


– A speech recognition engine
– 18 animated household items
– Touch-triggered animation
– Text and voice prompts reinforce reading and good pronunciation
– An easy, kid-friendly interface — no confusing options!
– Audio and visual feedback for a fun learning experience
– Auto-save – return to where you left off!

iPod touch users will need an iPod Touch-compatible microphone.


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