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Jungle Time – Best app to teach telling Time and more

Jungle Time – learn how to tell time – If you have ‘teaching time’ as your IEP goal, this is the application for you. It has different modes to teach different skills and different levels of difficulty.

Tell time and set time are pretty much in almost all telling time apps but Jungle time does it elegantly with natural voice (kids voice is crisp and clear).  The talking clock   The time can be set by dragging clock  hands as you would do with a real clock. It also has better customization options than other FREE apps that we have reviewed before.  It also tracks the kids progress by giving parent stats in the settings screen.

What sets Jungle time apart is the other 2 features Tell Elapsed Time  & Set Elapsed time. In the Tell Elapsed kids have to do some math calculations to determine the how far ahead/behind the second clock compared to the first clock.

In Set Elaspsed time mode, kids have to set the second clock ahead/behind compared to the first clock.

Settings – The settings for this app are extensive and you can customize to meet your individual needs.  You can set the levels, clock types, Reward levels etc..

Overall Impression – Well designed app with tons of features for most age groups.  The customization makes it easy for special needs parents to adjust the levels based on the kids skill level.  The tracking option makes it easy to track the progress and can be used to document the progress for the IEP meetings. It certainly makes teaching telling time less painful if not easy :-).  It is well worth the $0.99 for the iphone and $2.99 for iPad.

Special Features

  • This app has multi language support. See the app developers notes for the languages supported.

Developer Notes

Designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, Jungle Time is an incredibly easy, fun and interactive app that teaches kids how to tell time. [There is a separate iPad version of Jungle Time, check it out!]

Usability tested with kids ages 5 and up, Jungle Time has proven to be tremendously effective at teaching kids how to read and manipulate analog clocks. Kids go from being complete novices to experts within minutes!

Easy to Use
● Easy to read, crisp clock makes telling time and setting time a breeze
● Just shake your device, or tap Shake for a new problem.
● Set time with your fingers – simply drag the clock hands to set the time

Fun and Interactive
● A talking clock reads the questions aloud and confirms the time when you set the clock (English / Français / Deutsch / Nederlands / 한국어 / 普通话)
● Animated clocks come alive with smiles and roars as kids work through problems
● Choose from many jungle animals and their sounds, including a Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Hippo, and Panda.
● Choose from 3 clock styles: Standard, Learning (with hour and minute numbers), and Classic (with Roman numerals)
● The jungle theme, complete with animations, animal roars and sound effects, truly immerses kids in a deep and alive jungle.

● No multiple choice means no guesswork – kids have to know the correct time when Telling or Setting Time.
● Some apps just give you a limited set of problems – Jungle Time lasts an eternity with fresh problems every time.
● Track progress with your Score. Parents/Teachers love this to see how kids are doing.
● Multiple levels of difficulty make learning fun and challenging. Start as a beginner with Level 1 – it only presents problems in hourly increments. Work your way up to an expert level with smaller time increments.
● Clock hands move like a real clock – the minute hand moves a full revolution for each hour, so you learn real clockwise movement.
● Learn gives you an interactive tutorial using a special clock with hour and minute numbers. It explains the hour hand and minute hand, and lets you tap buttons to see how the hands change based on specific hours and minutes.
● Tutorials are provided for special times like “quarter past two” and “half past ten”.
● Built in support for 12 and 24 hour clock notation – you can easily switch between them from within the app.

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  1. Becky Muller
    June 26, 2011 at 8:55 am

    Hi! On Facebook I was notified of getting a code to get this app free. Would love the iPad version! Thank you so much, my kinders will love this and parents will like this as well.
    Becky Muller

  2. Christine
    June 26, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Hi there! Thx for Jungle Time! iPad please! 🙂

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