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Little Patterns – Animals – Great app to teach patterns

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Little Patterns Animals:  We have been complaining that there are no basic skills apps.   This fills the need for one of the basic skills (critical thinking).As usual Grasshopper has done a great job at keeping this app simple and engaging.  There are tons of settings for you to customize the app to your kids/students.  So very good for ABA sessions.You can’t beat the price. It is FREE.

Developer Notes

Little Patterns helps your child develop critical thinking and mental reasoning skills thus expanding a very important part of their mind. Plus, even adults will have fun playing with this app at the more advanced levels. 🙂

Approved by parents, teachers, and kids the world over.

Little Patterns is an exciting interactive game that helps you learn how to recognize and complete patterns all with just the touch of your finger. Pattern recognition and completion represents an important developmental skill for kids of all ages.

The interface is so easy to use that even a 9 month old baby will delight in moving their first objects around the page.

Since Little Patterns comes with adjustable difficulty settings, it is appropriate for all ages.

If you are looking for an app to sharpen your mind, develop critical thinking and matching skills, then the Little Patterns will become one of your most treasured apps!


✔ Add your own voice – now your toddler can learn about patterns in mommy’s or daddy’s voice
✔ Audio hints – turn audio hints where the word of each item in the patterns is read out loud on touch on or off
✔ Uses real, crisp professional images that are carefully handpicked vs. cartoonish illustrations
✔ Fun & engaging voice artist keeps kids engaged
✔ Multi-sensory learning tool – combining seeing, hearing, and tactile feedback
✔ Multi-language support – since you can edit all existing items and sounds can record everything in your native tongue


✔ Record your own voice – you can record everything in your own voice
✔ Difficulty – You decide at what difficulty level to start
✔ Patterns per page – You decide how many rows of patterns to display per page
✔ Customize game sounds – can even customize the game and success sounds so that your little one hears your

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