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Spark! – A thought provoking app for young minds

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Spark! – is a simple application that is thought provoking, problem solving and a story starter combined in to one.  The application consists of 52 pages with questions that kid will think thru and answer.Usage models– I used this more as a problem solving skill builder as the problems that are presented are not usual questions that they encounter everyday. So, it requires them to think and answer. The questions are such that the answer can’t be one liner. So, it encourages the kids to be more elaborate in their answers.- Play tool – I used this to play with my son. He does one page and I will do the next. When I do, I did thinking out loud so he knows the problem solving steps that I am going thru.- You can use this during kids get together so they all can answer one of the questions. The other kids can chip in to add more creative ideas to the problem solving. Make sure no one repeats the same question so they dont’ think one is better than the other 🙂

Excellent tool for SLP sessions for older kids. With the implementation of wishlist this can be a great tool to give kids homework by SLP. SLP’s can ask the kid to record and bring it back to the next session so they can review the responses. I recorded my son’s responses and played it back to him using my iPhone. He himself corrected some of the errors. Another use of recording is to see what you come-up with after few days/months. The response may be totally different from the original one.


  • Add ability to add our own story starters.
  • Add pictures to the questions to add visual appeal and also to give some context.
  • Voice output of the question.
  • Ability to record the answers for future review by professionals or for the kid to playback and self correct.
  • Ability to customize which questions will be asked. If it is used as therapy tool,  parents/therapists may want to control what questions are going to come up.
Overall Impression – This is a very good app for the $).99 price point it is in.  Recent scan of the Super duper for the story starters is $12.99 so this is definitly worth the buy.  Developer also have a Lite version that you can try before you buy. So, there is nothing to lose. Try and if you like buy it.

Developer Notes

52 scenarios created by a mom and her kids to kick-start imagination, encourage problem-solving and get families talking. The questions are fun for people of all ages (3+) and are being used by families – and in classrooms – worldwide!

Open-ended questions beg for more than one-word answers. And the best part? There are no wrong answers.

*****”Spark Story Starters bust open imagination to an entirely new level. I had no idea my kids were so creative!” Carol, mother

*****”These questions create common ground for our 6 year-old, our 15 year-old and my 70 year-old parents. This is a breakthrough!” Jackie, mother

-featured in the App Store “New and Noteworthy”
-featured on CTV News, Global News, Vancouver Sun & SavvyMom.ca
-recommended by parents, grandparents & educators


* easy navigation for young kids
* questions ‘pop’ randomly with a shake
* screens are highly colourful and playful
* content appeals to ages 4-99, even teens!

Scenarios can be used over and over – inviting new stories and problem-solving with each visit.

Spark Story Starters are perfect:

* at the dinner table
* in the car or on an airplane
* around a campfire or on a hike
* while waiting in line or for an appointment
* in the classroom
* in a home-school setting

  1. May 18, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    The ‘wishlist’ in this review is fantastic – many thanks for being specific with how the recommended changes would enhance the user experience. You will see some of these suggestions in a new & improved Spark! to be released on the App Store very soon (we’re working on it starting tonight!). Any and all suggestions on how to make Spark! more user-friendly for the Special Needs community would be greatly appreciated.

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