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How to build your own Matching ipad app by creative use of pdf notes?

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There are tons of matching apps available but you may want your own matching app so that you can customize it to meet the individual needs of your kids/students. Here is how you can use iPad and PDF Notes to build your own matching apps.  This just a sample of what you can do? But there are several uses of pdf notes I am going to show you in the future.

Goal: Create a matching app to label most common objects (food in this case) that kid is interested in.

Step 1: Create the matching in Microsoft word and in MS word 2007 or later you can save it as PDF.  I had these created before and using it inside a protective sheets.  So I just saved them as pdf. You don’t need to MS word but any app that can create a pdf.  Click here to open the pdf if you want to try with this.

Step 2: Install FREE PDF Notes and read the instructions on how to use it. It is very simple to use but go thru the instructions to get full benifit.

Step 3:  Email yourself the matching sheet.

Step 4:  Open it the pdf file in the PDF notes and start matching.

Enjoy creating as many matching sheets as you want.  You can even use it for other purposes and I will be publishing them in the next article.

Questions/Comments: Add it in the comments section. I will answer as best as can.


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