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Word Search for iPad – Young Readers Edition

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Word Search for iPad – Young Readers Edition 
Very nice word search app that can be used by all the ‘Young Readers’   (read older students) .  No issues with the app. Just the title :-)It is very easy to use no instructions necessary. You can dive right in and start playing. The best part it as soon as you find the word, it will strike it off in the list. This gives the kids sense of accomplishment and progress.Tip: Parents may be more excited with this than kids.  It is good for your brain to do these puzzles.IssuesEven younger students can use it but it needs the following enhancements to make it better.1.  Customization of the grid. Not everykid can work at the same level. So, different grid sizes may work better. – Update: Developer informed us that they already added this functionality in the Version 2. Click here to get the new version)2.  Customization of the word lay out (diagonal is difficult for young kids)


1. Allow users to add their own words.  I would like to be able to add words my son likes so it is more motivating for him and easy for parents to teach.

Overall Impression:

Nice little educational app for anyone but more importantly for upper grade kids and adults. It is well worth $0.99.

Developer Notes

“Spelling Word Search for iPad is designed for curious young readers and spellers.”

Kids will learn new words and enhance their vocabulary skills by practicing Word Search with grade-level word list from K-8th.

► Added word list “US States and Capital Cities” – learn 50 US states names.
► Word lists are now available from Kindergarten level to 8th grade.
► More Word Lists are planned for future updates so grown-ups can enjoy this game too.
► Still 33% off the full price. Download it now before price increases at the next update.

Our word lists are carefully selected by parents and teachers such that kids can learn words and their spelling while playing this traditional puzzle game. The game is family friendly even parents can join the fun. It is time to toss out the paper sheets that your children used to play word search on.

* Super simple and intuitive to play.
* Bright colored theme helps players engaged.
* Family with multiple kids can easily enjoy the game by choosing appropriate word list.
* Two more themes added since the first version.

** To achieve the best learning experience, parents should consider playing the game with their kids; asking them to pronounce the words before each game starts.

*** Note to parents and teachers: if you have a specific word list you want to see in the game, submit it here http://bit.ly/ipadwords and we will include them in future game updates.

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