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Be Confident in Who You Are- A must read for any middle schooler and their parents

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Be Confident in Who You Are: is a graphic novel written by Annie Fox. Looks like Annie knows middle school students in and out. It uses some fictional characters to help explain middle school and the emotions that kids go through (see video from publisher below). My son thoroughly enjoyed the book. I don’t think he would have read if it came from his school or from myself. Since it is on the iPad, that cool factor helped him to read the entire story and he was able to relate the story to his current middle school. The story is so real—kids can relate to the characters instantly and that keeps them reading it to the end.  If the iPad cool factor helps kids to learn this important and dry subject, so be it. I am happy :-)In the book, each student thinks the other students are better and have more advantages than themself. The short kid thinks everyone taller is cool, the smart kid thinks everyone is cool because he is treated as nerd and so on. No one thinks they are good enough. The key message my son told me after reading this is “Don’t bully yourself.”  This is same as the good old “have self confidence” but for the new generation 🙂 This key word is the most important message from the book—and kids will remember it. I showed it to another teacher-parent and she was also impressed by it. So, I finally read it myself and it is a very good book, not only for kids but also for parents.  It helped me understand middle school as I didn’t go to middle school here in the U.S.This is also a very nice book for kids with special needs and Asperger’s, as it will teach the students they are not alone.It is the best social story you can find.So, get it—you won’t regret it!

Developer Notes

Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential™ Graphic Novel — Middle school can be a serious pain with bullies putting you down, blowups threatening friendships, and real doubts about how you measure up. Good thing you don’t have to go it alone! Meet Mateo, Michelle and their friends—six teens trying to figure out what middle school’s all about. Follow their adventures and watch as they learn how to get along in middle school.

Be Confident in Who You Are is based on Book 1 of the award-winning Middle School Confidential™ series written by teen expert Annie Fox, illustrated by Matt Kindt, and published by Free Spirit Publishing. This graphic novel app enables readers to zoom right into the story world. With beautiful full-color illustrations and richly layered audio made up of movie-like sound effects and music, Be Confident in Who You Are will be a sure-fire hit with 8-14 year olds. (Even those who don’t like to read!) As a bonus for parents and teachers, this app puts thought-provoking entertainment and solutions into the hands of teens who deal with these personal issues every day. It’s likely to challenge teens to think about their emotions and behavior in new ways and encourage them to make more respectful, cooperative choices at school and at home.

• Graphic Novel format for easy reading
• Page swipe or touch page edges for easy navigation
• Auto-save feature remembers your place in the story
• Info page allows you to jump to the beginning of any of the 8 chapters
• 44 pages of story plus bonus Meet the Cast pages
• Email the characters—they’ll write back!
• Two modes of reading: full-page mode or double-tap to zoom-in for frame-by-frame reading
• Movie-like sound effects and music (enhanced sound in zoomed-in mode)

• Compelling stories that deal with universal tween and early teenage stumbling blocks:
+ Self esteem
+ Body image
+ Stress
+ Out of control emotions
+ Friendship issues
+ Peer Approval Addiction (doing whatever it takes to fit in)
+ Bullying
• Thoughtful solutions for teens grappling with personal and social issues
• Designed for the hard-to-reach “tween” age group, including reluctant readers
• Powerful addition to an advisory or character education curriculum
• Ideal for teachers who use technology in the classroom


  1. May 6, 2011 at 7:13 am

    Thanks for reviewing our Be Confident app, Techinspecialed!

    Readers, the app is normally priced at $3.99. Today we’re offering a one-day special price of $.99 (May 6, 2011 only). Check out the app for yourself:


    Elena, Free Spirit

  2. May 6, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Siva, you honor us with this wonderful review of our Be Confident iPad app. I’m especially delighted to har that your son took away such an important message “Don’t bully yourself!” Yep, that’s exactly right. Treat yourself with respect and others are more likely to treat you with respect too. No guarantees there, of course, but when kids know that they DESERVE to be treated with respect they are much more likely to stand up for themselves in all situations.

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