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iDoodle Card – Very nice app to teach art and fine motor skills

iDoodle Card– I have been looking for similar app for a while. This is a very good drawing app for kids especially those with special needs.  There is a model for every drawing on the left hand side as you can see in the picture below. Basically most of the drawings are mostly done and kids have to add additional details. This makes it easy and with the model next to it, they will have a better success in completing the task and in time they will do their own drawings. The nice thing about this app is that after 3 or 4 it will give that opportunity to the kids to do their own drawings. Since there is no right or wrong there is no need to grade it and document it in ABA 🙂Like what you see? Like us on Facebook so you will get the updates instantly. Also check out our FREE/Discounted apps page to get the full list.

Another interesting thing is not all are drawings. Some are mazes and some are fill in colors. So your kid will have lot of fun and you will have more money in your pocket if you download it while it is free.  Good for fine motor skills practice. But it may take time as the drawing is not easy even for me.

Developer Notes

This app is dedicated to all the children who love to draw colorful animals on ipad with their parents. Now, discover a fun new way for young kids to express their creativity with Idoodle.
We noticed that the controls for the other drawing apps were way too complicated. With only 5 color pens and 2 erasers, your children will start doodling and drawing within seconds.
Also, around 50 creative sketches and exciting sounds will give full play to your children’s imagination.

Key Features
– Simple controls that is friendly to kids.
– Draw various animals with base sketches.
– Various base sketch packs for drawing constellations, linking dot-lines, following maze, etc.
– ‘Favorite’ function for easy saving and loading.
– With exciting sound track, kids will never be bored.

  1. Melanie
    May 6, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Very nicely designed “art/drawing” app. Wuld work great with student who are working on “copying” from a mod del as it shows picture and asks student to create the same detail. Great FREE app to download with many possibilities.

  1. May 4, 2011 at 6:27 pm

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