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Got Environmental sounds as an IEP goal. Try this – What’s That Sound?

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  What’s That Sound? This is an to teach environmental sounds during ABA or as an IEP goal. Unlike other apps that we have seen this one actually has real enivornmental sounds such as ‘racing cars’,  ‘man shaving’  and ‘Coin sound’ etc.. You can customize the field to 2 or 3 so you customize it to fit to your kids needs.Wish list

  • If we can customize the sounds we want to teach. This way we can control what shows up on the screen.
  • Tracking of kids responses.
With these enhancement it will worth upgrade but it meets well above the expectations for a FREE app.

Developer Notes

What’s That Sound’ – the app that brings the sounds of the world to your iPhone or iPad!

You might already know apps that randomly display photos of animals, cars, and machines, along with the corresponding sound. Such apps are great for kids to learn how things sound. However, once your child gets older, something more challenging is what it needs. This is what ‘What’s That Sound’ has been designed for.

‘What’s That Sound’ includes more than 500+ sounds and photos of things, machines, cars, animals, and from nature. The app plays a random sound and displays either two or three photos, where only one photo matches the sound. Your child then has to recognize the sound and tab on the correct photo.

‘What’s That Sound’ was designed by parents for parents. All included sounds and photos are high quality, very professional and should be easy to be recognizable by children with an age of 4+ (depending on the individual development).

Photos and sounds included:

* Cars
* Car race
* Fire engine
* Trucks
* Motorcycles
* Trains
* Bicycles
* Planes
* Helicopters
* Ships
* and a lot more

* Driller
* Mower
* Motorsaw
* Washing machine
* Shaver
* Traffic
* Door bell
* Phones
* Lots of things from the kitchen
* Lots of things from the bathroom
* Lots of musical instruments
* and a lot more

* River
* Rain
* Thunderstorm
* Storm
* Steps
* Waves
* Human sounds
* Children playing
* Babies
* In the house
* and a lot more

* Birds
* Elephants
* Frogs
* Monkies
* Dogs
* Horses
* Ducks
* Sheeps
* Cats
* Tigers
* and a lot more

Please note that the ‘Free Edition’ of ‘What’s That Sound’ includes a small selection of ten sounds and photos only. If you want 500+ additional sounds and photos, you can ‘upgrade’ from within the ‘Free Edition’.


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