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IEP Goal – Colors (Cost: $0.99)

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IEP goals are integral part of special needs education (for those outside of US, you can think of it as what type of skills you want to teach your during the academic year). We worked on this goal before so I thought I will document what we did. I am sure most of the parents/teachers have input on this subject. So, please go ahead and add your comments below. I will update the blog with input. I have several IEP goals that we worked on so, I will try to add them as blog entries. This also help tie all the materials on the site together for each skill/goal.
EP Goal – Colors: This is  a one of the initial goals for typical special needs kids. ABA is used for Autistic children but it didn’t worked well for us for the pre-acadamic skills. So, we switched to a hybrid approach and tried to input the colors first without putting too much pressure (with drills)  on the kid. When once felt we had enough exposure to colors and we know he is interested, we started the drills using the app ( in our case teach me toddler worked well but you can use others too).  when once we know he mastered the colors, we moved to generalization using tons of books.  Reading and asking him questions in context.  also the colors in these books are not going to as crisp and clear. they will be mixed with some other colors so he has to understad the red may not be how it is in the software or app.  There are different shades of red/blue etc..
We still maintian this skill by occasionally asking the colors even now to ensure it is not lost.Here are the steps.
  • Pre-test (Probe): Using a software program or an app is the best way to quickly learn what the student knows/doesn’t know. Here are some of the tools you can use to accomplish this.
  • Teaching (input) – As with normal teaching, you need to teach your child how to
  • Generalization
    • Read the number of books listed above in paper or ebooks and ask them to identify the colors in them
    • Use different apps available for colors so they can identify them in different areas
    • Ask them colors at home or outside or in grocery store. If they can identify in a natural setting then you are  all set.
  • Maintenance
    • Run the drills once a week on Teach me Toddler – Colors Module
    • Ask questions during the book reading once in a while
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