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Help needed with teaching yes/no and opposites

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We (teachers/therapists/parents) have been teaching my son for the last 7 years Yes/No with no success. He had trouble learning basic acadamic skills such as colors/numbers/shapes and Alphabets but we were able to teach using this method (I only documented colors). But we are having trouble with all binary  questions (ex: yes/no, opposites). Whereever there are only 2 choices he will take 50-50 and give an answer but that may or may not be correct.   We are still trying but I decided to ask the larger community to see if there are any ideas out there to teach these skills. Yes/No is very critical as we need to know whether he wants something or not.  Appreciate your feedback.

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  1. Ronda
    April 30, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Have you read this site? http://verbalbehaviorapproach.blogspot.com/2010/11/teaching-children-and-adults-with.html

    May be of interest.

    I’m working with a boy in my class (aged 7) and trying to teach him yes/no. I started with him mastering ‘no’ when asking him if he needed the toilet…now we’re working on ‘yes’. I mapped when he needed to go to the toilet each day and to consolidate the no response, I only asked “do you need the toilet?” at times when I knew he didn’t need to go. It required lots of modelling and physical prompting (about 8 weeks to consolidation). Now I’m doing the same with the yes response, but at times when I know he goes to the toilet. He did his first yes head nod with only a chin touch prompt on Friday.

    After this, I’m going to start generalising by using it with PECS at eating time. When he gives me a visual for a fork, I will give him a bowl and say ‘do you want bowl?’ with physical prompts that eventually fade. Then continue to generalise with other highly desirable items.

    Can he actually manage a head nod? Have you tried using visuals? e.g. a green card for yes, red card for no (or some other visual system)? There also an app called YesNo that could be useful for that.

    Shame there aren’t any videos/animations about answering yes and no.

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