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Audio Slide A Math: Additions – Easy way to teach math addition concept

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Audio Slide A MathThis app teaches the additions but more importantly the concepts additon with visual queues.  Good for kids who are having difficulty understanding the concept. It uses 2 different objects for each addend.  This is typically the way you model using color blocks. This is a iOS version of it.  Children can count each object to match the addend then add all to get the correct answer. Answer is hidden and they can see it by moving it.  It also says the answer verbally.


  • Bigger display to teach concept.

Wish list

  • Wish there is a plus sign in the objects to match the actual addition
  • there is a box to write the answer (may be on the slider to have their answer and compare it with the correct one.
  • It doesn’t say two plus three equal to five.  It just says the answer. confusing.
Summary – A good start. You can use it to teach the concepts and move to other apps such as teach me kindergarten as this has bigger display.

Developer Notes
Slide-A-Math Lite offers an intuitive and innovative way for preschool kids to learn basic number additions.

Numbers and pictures are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

Each question comes with pictures and voice so kids can learn to count, add and speak at the same time.

In this lite version, we have included the following features:

1. Randomized questions so it is not just a boring number flashcard

2. Adorable pictures to represent the answer, so kids can count them too

3. Touch the question mark to hear the question

4. Slide the button to reveal and listen to the answer

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