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Busy Bunnies – Nice little ebook to teach labels, verbs and sight words in context

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Busy Bunnies By Newleaf Solutions – Very simple rhyming book about couple bunnies and their busy day.  The beauty is it will read in auto-mode and will highlight the text.  I was reading it with my kid and started asking him simple questions about the objects (Dresser, fork, spoon), verbs (biking, eating etc..), gender (boy/girl) . Then I started asking sight words.   Kids can touch the word and it will ready so they get an immediate feedback.  Very nice way to teach the skills they already learned individually in a wholesome and in context.

Other Apps from the developer

  • Word Explorer   – This app was built mainly for toddlers to early school age children taking their first steps into the world of spelling. Alternatively, it could be useful to students learning English as a second language.

I asked myself, I could do this with any book. What is special about this that triggered me to ask all these questions?

I think it is because of the simplicity of the book. You can ask the question and kid can answer it with minimal difficulty as it has a very simple, clean design with no multi colored background etc.. Anyway, I liked this book for all the things that I could do.

Developer Notes

Busy Bunnies is a fun animated storybook for young children about two little bunnies who have a very busy day. They manage to squeeze a surprising amount into just one day, but they eventually come home for dinner (carrot stew!) and a bath.

Every page contains cute and delightful animations that will amuse young readers. For instance, readers can help the bunnies water the garden (growing carrots of course!), pop bubbles as the bunnies have their bath and generally help them along with each activity.

We hope you and your little ones enjoy this book !


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