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Sequencing – Speech with Milo by By Doonan Speech Therapy

Sequencing – Speech with Milo by By Doonan Speech Therapy is probably the first app that deals with sequencing a crucial skill for kids to learn (click her to learn more about sequencing). So, we were excited when we learned about the release of this app.  The developer sent us a promo code to check it out. Here are our findings.

How it works? Very simple.  The app uses the iOS multi touch to allow kids to move the pictures in the right sequence and it will show the video after the sequence is done correctly.  It also doesn’t allow the user to put the pictures if they are not correct put in the correct sequence.

The instructions are very clear and helps the parents a lot if they are doing at home.


  1. The video should be before the sequence so they can view the video first and then answer the question.  The developer explained to me th reasoning behind this is to have a reinforcer for the kid. But I think it is better to have the video first as that is how it occurs in natural environment. No kid can answer the sequencing question unless they experienced it or have general idea about how it works.  Otherwise
  2. The pictures looks very similar.  It is difficult to understand some of the sequences where the pictures are similar.
  3. The hints have a,b,c.  Kids will figur out the pattern and they won’t even looking at the pics.  May be more subtle prompts will help.
Developer explained to me that this is more for Therapy than for the kids to play by themselves but even if the parent is present, parent may have trouble understanding some of these pictures without the a,b and c prompts. I am sure the developer is going make some enhancements to the app to address these issues as he is very receptive to the issues brought up.
The sequence card @super duper publications is around $12.50 and the app is $2.99 so it is not expensive when compared the cards but make sure your kid is comfortable using these pictures if not, they may not be interested in this skill. This is not an easy skill for the kids with special needs to learn so you need to have lot of motivation to get this done.  We don’t know whether this app will help in the present form. But $2.99 is not much to test it out as we spend lot more on several other things. We also appreciate the developer not pricing it like a Therapy app as most of the therapy apps are at least 10x more than regular apps 🙂
If you can live with a non-iOS device version and your child can use the the computer or can point, you can use the sequencing game available online @Do2Learn. See our review we did on Jan 2, 2011. It gives you alternative option. You can even print the cards to do it offline.

Notes from Developer

Forget those $20 Sequencing cards at the educational stores. Milo is back to bring you Sequencing exercises like you have never used before using animation to keep your child engaged. Speech with Milo: Sequencing was created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to help children develop sequencing and storytelling skills. The adorable mouse Milo brings a friend along this time to entertain and help your child.

**On sale for limited time for $2.99**

Build basic sequencing skills by ordering three cards showing Milo and Melvin performing a task. For example, cards showing Milo “Washing Hands” and “Going to the Movies” are presented in random order. The child is tasked with putting the cards in order by dragging the images into the appropriate box (numbered 1-3). Once the child has put the cards in order, they are provided with the option to play the animation demonstrating the sequence of events. The app is provided with configurable options to view hints, hear the sentence aloud, ‘success’ sounds, etc.

Speech with Milo first became popular amongst Speech-Language Pathologists and parents with apps to help children build language skills with Verbs and Prepositions. The Verbs app represented the education category for the Mobile Premier Awards and was embraced by the parent community. Now Milo returns to help build critical sequencing skills.

The app comes with a set of instructions written by a licensed SLP to help you work with your child.

These are the language skills you will be targeting with this app:
•Storytelling and/or retelling
•Time concepts “first,” “next,” and “last”
•Increasing utterance length
•Developing complex sentences
•Improving grammatical skills

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