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Learn Time Lite – FREE app to teach time with ease.

Summary: This is the most useful app if you are planning teach your kids analog clock. It is very simple with no frills. It goes up to the 15 min accuracy (ex: 5:15).  App will set the time and ask the user to move the hour and min handles to the right position.  If the kid makes a mistake it will display the time and gives the user another chance. If second time answer is also wrong, it will animiate the movement and set the clock to the correct time. This will allow kid to learn by themselves. I like the animation as it helps kids to learn time by themselves.

What do you think about this app if you have used it already? Add comments.


Notes from Developer

Learn Time Lite allows you to try the first two levels of Learn Time. With this version you can answer questions such as 5:00 and 2:15.
Learn Time is a fun way of learning to tell the time. It shows a colourful and animated clock with a sea theme that rewards the child with animations. The app has multiple levels of difficulty so it is fine for beginners and more advanced learners. The child will start off having to answer questions for the hours, before progressing onto 15 minute intervals, 5 minute intervals, and finally 1 minute intervals, however advanced levels are only available once the child has unlocked them. For each level the clock face changes so that the child does not have to worry about more advanced features until they arrive at that level. The final level is a true test because there are minute markers without numbers.

– fun and colourful clock
– sea themed animations
– multiple levels of difficulty from 7:00 to 3:32
– corrections are shown if a mistake is made

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