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Color Wall – Best and most affordable coloring app

“Color Wall”, This a game for anyone who loves coloring.

This is how the developer describes it. I have a different take on this. This is an app for people who don’t like coloring because they can never got anything worthy of showing off to anyone:-).  With this app, I can cheat a little and get the pleasure out of it and feel like I too can color.

I have been looking for an app like this for awhile. I wanted a simple painting app with enough supports for a reluctant little  artist.  This has 40 drawings that can be painted with a paint brush or by filling each section.  This allows kids on both sides of the skill level to enjoy the art of coloring. I, myself throughly enjoy doing it as it is a huge stress reliever and makes me feel like an artist 🙂

Notes from Developer
Children of all ages love to paint. The great thing about painting with children is that each painting is truly a work of art to them… even if you can’t tell what it is. As with most children’s crafts, painting is more about the process and the learning than it is about the product.
It’s a great opportunity to teach children how to think outside the box and use things you wouldn’t normally think about painting with in their projects. You can use objects instead of brushes, different kinds of paint, paint different surfaces, use templates or stencils, or even use parts of their bodies. Painting with children can also be a great way for them to experiment, learn cause and affect, learn about colors and how they mix.

“Color Wall”, This a game for anyone who loves coloring. Children can color those lovely images as they wanted. Move their figures, the coloring will remain in the the area. Also children can use another tool — bucket. Touch in one area, the color will automatically fill the area.

– All graphical buttons, children can easily start
– 40 different cute animals
– preview all the animals
– save pic to photo library
– email to friends immediately
– two different tools: pen and bucket.

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