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See. Touch. Learn.(FREE) – Most Flexible tool(app) available for Educators especially for ABA Programs

Like what you see? Like us on Facebook so you will get the updates instantly. Also check out our FREE/Discounted apps page to get the full list.Initial Impression: This is advertised as Picture cards app. But I think this is more than that. This is by far the most flexible app that I have seen so far (AlphaBaby is other one).  You can pretty much do entire ABA Discrete trail drills using this one.

This not an app but a tool that allows you to build so many programs on your own, the possibilities are endless. I haven’t not seen such as flexible program after CrickSoft’s Clicker.  It is engaging and will allow ABA therapists and Parents to customize and build lessons.  Pre-school teachers can build several teaching programs using this app. I like this over Clicker because it is on IPad and it takes advantage of all the features of the iPad. Specifically touch screen.  This comes with the core program they call ‘See. Touch. Learn’ and sample picture library and sample lessions. Everything that comes out of box (or should I say out of iTunes 🙂 .

The best part is this is FREE. I sincerely thank Brain Parade for offering this.  You can customize it the way you want it with the help of the sample lessions and pictures. You can do a lot of programs with what you get with the app.  The lessons that come with it are developed with lot of thought and it gives you ideas on how to develop your own.

The other categories of pictures are available via inapp purchases. They include Letters, Numbers, Body Parts, Pets, Food,  Fruits, Vegetables.   You can just download the FREE verson, use it with your kids/students and start buying one picture library at a time so it reduces the cost.

Other Creative Uses (I will be adding more as I see it):

  • You can use this as a choice app so your kid can use it to select what he wants. It is very easy to customize so you can build the choice board


  • The voice is not clear. Don’t know if it is because of my device.

Wishlist: The app is very good as it is. But here are some of the enhancements we would like to see in this app. These are in the order of priority.  I will be adding more as we use this app.

  1. Give an option to randomize. Kids on ASD will remember the order quickly and start answering from memory.
  2. Allow users to upload their own pictures. May be after they purchase certain # of picture libraries the developer should allow users to upload their own. There are so many lessons that I can write with my own pictures you can’t do it with any library Developer can put together (ex: Teach identification of family members, Locations kid visits etc… I can go on and on about this list)
  3. Add a setting to say the instruction automatically instead of someone pressing it so it is customizable based on user preferences.
  4. Allow parents to share their lessons. You can create an online community where everyone can upload their lessons allowing sharing and reduce the amount of time for develop new lessons.
  5. Give an option to have the user answer the question and click ‘submit’. In my case, my son clicked on 2 and he was going for the 3rd one which wrong but the app already declared he is complete. This may good initially but to build confidence it needs have the submit button.

Please add your issues/wishlist below. I will update the blog accordingly.

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Notes from Developer

Picture cards are an integral part of an effective learning program and are used to help teach new words and concepts and foster self-expression. Brain Parade’s See.Touch.Learn™ app combines the effectiveness of picture cards with the power and interactivity of the iPad. Create custom exercises and lessons, automatically track performance, and carry your entire library collection with you at all times. Whether you are using picture cards as part of an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program or other program, See.Touch.Learn.™ is for you. To get you started, Brain Parade includes over 50 professionally designed exercises with each library you purchase!

+ Parents love See.Touch.Learn.™ because it is designed by professionals specifically for children with special needs using the latest technology, plus it is affordable, portable and effective.

+ Professionals love See.Touch.Learn.™ because finally a company has designed education tools with the professional in mind, using the latest technology instead of the tired old devices of the past.

+ Students love See.Touch.Learn.™ because it is fun to use, and built on the hottest technology device. It is so intuitive that children know exactly how to use it without any lengthy instructions.

Here are just a few of the benefits of See.Touch.Learn.™
✔ Build, save, copy and reuse your custom lessons
✔ No more organizing and reorganizing cards for each student
✔ Create unlimited scenarios and prompts
✔ Thousands of gorgeous picture cards to choose from
✔ Your entire collection is portable – take it with you everywhere
✔ Never misplace a card – Images are automatically backed up
✔ Save hundreds of dollars – only a fraction of the cost of physical cards
✔ No cards to wear out
✔ No cards to lose

  1. April 6, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Thank you for the review of See.Touch.Learn.™. You really captured the essence of the product when you said, This is “a tool that allows you to build so many programs on your own, the possibilities are endless.” See.Touch.Learn.™ was designed exactly for that purpose.

    We made the app free so that anyone can download and try it and see the power and flexibility. With regard to your Issues and Wishlist, I have some very good news – most of the items you identify are in the product plans for upcoming releases!

    Voice Prompts:
    The ability to record your own voice for each exercise will be an option available for purchase for $2.99 in the next few weeks. This will also include the ability to have the audio prompts spoken automatically for each exercise. It will also include additional sounds that can be assigned to correct and incorrect answers and to the end of lesson.

    Use your own Photos:
    We will be adding the ability to use your own photos sometime in the near future. That has always been part of the product roadmap and with the camera in the Pad2 it will be so easy to use. We wanted to get the first version of the See.Touch.Learn.™ out there first to get feedback before making the additional investment in building the ability to use your own images. We made See.Touch.Learn.™ a free application so that everyone could use it and we will continue to add some new free features as well as some new paid features. A lot will depend on how many people download the app and how many purchase the libraries, so please help spread the word.

    Community and sharing:
    Absolutely! We plan on adding this capability once we have enough engaged users of See.Touch.Learn.™.

    If you are interested in updates about Brain Parade and See.Touch.Learn.™ you can sign up for email updates at http://www.brainparade.com and become a fan on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/brainparade

  2. Lilian
    July 16, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    There was an app called ChoiceBoard Maker that does just what you want. My nephew developed it for my son with special needs. It was removed however due to unreasonable pressure from Mayer Johnson because part of our name is similar to their Boardmaker software. Anyway, our app will be renamed ChoiceBoard Creator and will be release very soon. It is also free because my nephew sees this as his way to give back to the not so fortunate. Look out for it and spread the words!!!

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