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My Underwear from Thumb Arcade – Cool educational app

Don’t let the title fool you.  This is a Cool app that uses the awkwardness in the use of word get you and your kids attention and start teaching the colors, cause and effect, fine motor and memory skills.

Coloring – It starts off with coloring and allows the kids to color the underwear and there are several underwears to choose from 🙂 .  You can take a picture of your custom underwear (Tip to the developer: may be you can work with a underwear manufacturer to create the underwear from the pics 🙂

Matching – Where kids need to match the underwear to the animal that needs it. This, I think is the most unique about this app. The matching gets complicated as they move forward. This is also the most annoying part of the program as it will ask every time you want to play (please get rid of this; confirm screen).

Memory – Standard memory game.

Action Game (Fine Motor/Visual perception) – Kids need to catch the falling underwears either by swiping or by tilting the device.

Tip: Use the stickers to teach some generalization skills (object Labels)

The Graphics are from Todd Parr and they are awesome and look like cartoon network kind.  Music is also nice.

Overall very good app and well worth the money.

Wish list

  • Our usual request for most apps – Settings for the games so it can be customized. For example, Memory game is currently is set to 4 x3) and it may be difficult for some users. Add multi user functionality
  • Basic Skills – I saw XL, small and I thought they are going to be used to teach sizes. But they didn’t used them that way. I hope they will add some features to teach size, days of the week and some other skills for which there are very little selection available. Most of the apps are teaching pre-academic skills such as colors, numbers, alphabets and shapes.
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Description from developer

DO play My Underwear. DON’T say that out loud!

The mere mention of the word “Underwear” triggers the giggle reflex from children of all ages. Pair that with Todd Parr’s trademark, colorful artwork and the wild hi-jinx of Thumb Arcade, and the result is a recipe for hilarity and fun!

‘My Underwear’ is not just a safe and silly game for your toddler to grade-schooler. It’s four fantastic games that make your child smile, laugh and cheer. It’s also gently challenging hand-eye coordination, memory, motor skills and pattern recognition. All the while your child is immersed in and interacting with Todd’s wonderful art.

•Finger paint your own underwear design; maybe even share your art with Grandma.
•Match the underwear to Todd’s lovable creatures by colors and shapes. It’s OK to be goofy and put it on their heads.
•Feed the ravenously hungry monsters with underwear falling from thy sky. Yes, there are underwear-gobbling monsters! Play multiple scenes and levels with fun animations. Be prepared for a surprise when you fill up the monster’s belly!
•Kids get to tap into concentration power with a memory match game filled with things like loveable robots, animals, submarines and oodles of underwear.

With hundreds of ways to play in one app, you literally won’t be able to put ‘My Underwear’ down!

– Underwear (of course)
– Original artwork by Todd Parr
– Original music by acclaimed children’s musical group Hot Peas-N-Butter
– Four distinct games with tons of levels and ways to play
– Hi-res art for all devices: iPhone 4, iPad, new and old iPods and iPhones
– Universal visual instructions and icon menus – easy for pre-readers and all international readers
– Never any pop-ups or ads to confuse your child

Thumb Arcade and Todd Parr are on Facebook and Twitter. Todd Parr likes macaroni and cheese. He’s written over 30 children’s books, won multiple awards and had his titles on the best-seller lists of the some of the country’s most influential newspapers and organizations. Two Thumbs Up!

Thumb Arcade is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7
Categories: Art; Creative Play; Early Learning – Colors; Early Learning – Shapes; Games – Family; Games – Kids

Categories: Coloring, Drawing, Matching
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    2ThumbsUp!!!! We’re very proud that you like the app. Lots of more good stuff coming soon.


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