FREE Flash Cards apps in the month of April

I have been using these flashcards for a long time. They are beautiful and are easy to use. It is very useful during ABA Sessions.  They are available for FREE now as part of Autism Awareness Month. Try to download them. They will come in handy to teach so many other skills.
note: There are some that are not FREE. Make sure you are aware of this.
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Developer Notes

Flash cards are one of the fastest, easiest ways to learn new information and improve fluency.  That is why you see so many companies such as Baby Einstein and Dr. Seuss producing them.  However, traditional flash cards can get bent, ripped, chewed on or lost – and they are expensive.

Our applications offer a whole new dimension to traditional flash cards.   Our flash cards are available exclusively through itunes and are designed to work on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.  Your child can learn on the go, at his or her own pace in a fun, interactive way.  At only .99 cents per deck of approximately 60 clear, concrete, colorful images, your child will have fun learning at an affordable price.


For many young children, the differences between actions like smiling and laughing can be subtle and perhaps confusing. Our Actions Flash Cards incorporate colorful images and crisp pronunciation to link action words with their meaning. Whether it’s learning new words such as flying, skipping or winning, your learner will be encouraged to make the distinction between the action words and mimic the sound of each one.


The alphabet is the foundation of any child’s language development. With’s Alphabet Flash Cards, your child will have fun navigating through the ABCs by pairing colorful images with their respective first letters. This series will help your child or student not only learn that the word “mittens” starts with the letter “m,” but will also encourage him or her to mimic the sound of the word.

Earth Science

With’s Earth Science flash cards your child will be introduced to a wide variety of science terms and images relating to our beautiful planet earth such as rocks, fossils, waterfalls, volcanos, mountains, seasons, etc. Each image is stimulating and memorable to hold your child’s attention and engage the mind.


Identifying, understanding and responding to the emotions of others are very important social skills for everyone to have. These skills allow us to understand and develop relationships with family, friends, teachers, etc. For some children with special needs, identifying and comprehending emotions does not come easily. We have created an Emotions flash card collection showing the ten most common emotions and to help children generalize emotions such as bored, excited, happy, mad, sad, scared, silly, tired or worried, we’ve given five examples of each different emotion.

Fruits and Nuts

Learning the names of Fruits and Nuts is great way to help your child or student develop their vocabulary. Not only are the images clear and colorful, they feature snacks your child may eat daily. Learning the names of the food they eat often will help them associate the image with the sound of its name, making it easier to practice the word in every day conversation.

Musical Instruments

With’s Musical Instruments Flash Cards, each card features beautiful real life images and words to expand your child’s vocabulary as well as enhance their concept development and word recognition skills. We’ve included common musical instruments such as a tuba, piano, violin, and guitar but also some more obscure musical instruments to expand your child’s mind such as a balalaika, marimba and sitar.


Getting your child or student interested in sports is a great way to encourage both physical and social development.’s Sports Flash Cards promote active minds by exploring the exciting world of sports and physical fitness. Whether it’s a solo sport like fishing or group activities like basketball, your child will discover new and fun ways to play, socialize, and be active.

Things You Eat

Our Things You Eat Flash Card collection helps your child develop their vocabulary of common every day foods. We used only the best, clear, concrete images that your child will recognize and combined them with crisp audio to encourage word recognition. Talking about every day foods with your child is a natural way to expand vocabulary and develop conversation skills.

Things You Play With

When creating our Things You Play With Flash Card collection we chose only items that were of high interest to young children including a dinosaur, firetruck, finger puppets, robot, slinky, construction vehicles and so much more. Each image is stimulating and memorable to hold your child’s attention and engage the mind.

Things You Wear

From galoshes, jackets, jeans, and gloves, learning the correct word for various garments can be a confusing task for a young child.’s Things You Wear Flash Cards are designed to help distinguish the difference between dresses and skirts, hats and wigs, or goggles and glasses, slippers and sneakers. These flash cards are a fun way to teach new targets and increase vocabulary.


Though the old adage of “eat your veggies” is good advice, it is also important for children to learn the proper names for common vegetables. Our Vegetable Flash Cards can help your child associate the name of the vegetable with it’s vivid image through this Flash Card collection. From alfalfa sprouts to zucchini, these Vegetable Flash Cards encourage your child or student to recognize the food and mimic the sound of its respective name.


Whether it rolls, flies, or zooms, there’s nothing quite as exciting for kids than a fast pace vehicle. With’s Vehicles Flash Card Collection you can help your child recognize common vehicles like boats, trucks, race cars, and airplanes as well as less commonly seen vehicles such as a stealth bomber, tandem bicycle, or unicycle. These vivid images paired with concise audio pronunciation will encourage your child or student to remember each vehicle’s respective name.

Zoo Animals

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Even if you can’t visit the zoo in person, your child or student can learn about the ferocious shark or an elegant flamingo through’s Zoo Animals Flash Card Collection. Your child or student will be captivated by our vivid images of animals you can find at the zoo. Accompanied by clear audio, your child will be encouraged to mimic the name of each animal baboon, ostrich, peacock and rhinoceros. Their imaginations will run wild!

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