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Best Visual Aids – Already made and ready to go

These are two visual aids that I found to have the best sets. You can use them as is or you can get ideas to make your own using these as guides.  Typically caregivers most of the time spent on what pictures to take/print.  This will eliminate that hassle and gives access to almost all common situations you encounter with your special needs kids.

From the author

PictureSET is a collection of downloadable visual supports that can be used by students for both receptive and expressive communication in the classroom, at home, and in the community. This searchable database allows you to find a wide range of useful visual supports for different curriculum areas, activities, and events. PictureSET resources are created and updated by dedicated professionals working with students in British Columbia.

Another great source for visual aids

Visual Aids for learning

Visual Aids for learning is a company that develops images to streamline and support learning; empowering people to participate and achieve success and independence.

Who can benefit from Visual Aids?

All Children can benefit from using visual aids and especially those who fit into the following categories: • Down Syndrome • Autism Spectrum Disorder • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder • Language Disorders and Delays • Hearing Impairment • Developmental Delay • Oppositional Defiant Disorder • English as a Second Language • Learning Difficulties

What difficulties will be assisted by using visual aids?

Visuals will help children who have difficulties with: • listening and attending • understanding and responding • processing sequenced information • motivation and play • following instructions and routines • anxiety and resistance to change • social isolation and shyness • challenging behaviour


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