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Part#1: Teaching Basic academic skills – How to teach colors when other options fails

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Objective: Teach the basic acadamic skills such as colors, shapes, numbers and alphabets. This method was proven successful after all the traditional methods and ABA drills failed over a period of 4 years. Basically this task became so aversive to the kid, this was dropped from the goals.


  1. Color blocks
  2. Picture of completed structure
  3. Color icons or Speech Generating Device(if non-verbal)


  1. Keep all blocks with you
  2. Ask the student to build the tower using the Model shown in the picture
  3. They will request the block required for the tower starting with the first block. either by telling verbally, using PECS card ‘I want ___” or by using SGD.
  4. Give them the block that was requested by the student.
  5. Start with 2 colors until they get the concept and then increase the choices.
  6. You may want to reverse and you start building blocks requesting items so the kid feels he is in charge.   They will learn the colors either way. So, let them be the BOSS 🙂


  1. No pressure on the kid as the answer is already there from the model
  2. Can be used with both verbal & non-verbal kids.
  3. Once the process has been established the other pre-academic skills such as shapes, numbers, letters are easy to teach. I will show you in the next parts of this series.

Let’s know what you think? Any suggestions to improve or other techniques you used successfully, add it to the comments section below.


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