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Free SAT/ACT/GRE Prep website

I am going to switch from primary grade apps to the high school apps. This is one of the best FREE websites that I have seen that allows users to go thru the reading material and take the tests online in preparation for the SAT/ACT/GRE. It allows users to select their coaches (Parent can be coaches too) so coach can guide the student during test prep process.   Please add comments with your thoughts and experiences.

About Number2

Number2.com is the only website that offers students access to comprehensive free online test preparation courses for the SAT, ACT, and GRE. How do we do it? Number2.com earns revenue from sponsorships and licensing.

The company was founded by professors and graduate students who wanted to make high quality test preparation universally accessible. In 1999 Eric Loken and Josh Millet were graduate students studying for their PhDs at Harvard University when they began teaching free SAT prep classes in the Boston area. Seeking to expand their services to the Internet, they teamed up with Vincent Crespi, a professor of physics at Pennsylvania State University, who had created a test prep website called Number2.com in 1995. With the help of a great technologist, Filip Radlinski, they launched a new version of the site in September, 2000. Eric and Josh now also run an employee testing company.

Since 2000, over 2 million students have enrolled in Number2.com’s online courses, and the web site now receives over 50 million hits per month. In 2002 Number2.com was acquired by Xap Corporation, a software company based in Culver City, CA. Xap’s Mentor™ web sites are state-based college admission portals that provide college search, career planning, online applications, and financial aid tools to assist students with exploring their options for higher education. Xap shares Number2.com’s mission of making higher education more accessible to students of all backgrounds. Joining Xap has allowed Number2.com to benefit from Xap’s resources and expertise in the areas of web design and online product development and to make its test prep courses available to an even wider audience. Number2.com is now a division of Xap.

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