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worksheetworks.com – Great site to generate customized worksheets

Another great site to generate customized worksheets for several subjects including Math, English, Geography and other basic skills. Special needs families can use the Misc section to generate the fine motor activities (cutting. pre-writing). Almost all activities are customizable so you can make the worksheets to fit your kids individual needs.

About WorksheetWorks.com
This website is the result of many years of hard work by a by a small, dedicated group of software designers, programmers, artists, teachers and parents with a vested interest in childhood education. Our goal is to provide the finest quality paper-based teaching materials to teachers and parents around the world. We aim to make all of our worksheet modules useful, valuable and effective in everyday classroom and homeschooling situations.
You will not find anything on this website that is designed to interact directly with a student. Our guiding principle is that paper-based documents are the best way to help kids learn. There are many good sources of computer-based educational materials, but we have learned through experience that they simply do not compare to a quality printed worksheet. Numerous studies of the effectiveness of computers in the classroom support this view.

The website is currently still in development but has a wide range of already usable features. Things can and do go wrong, and despite thorough testing by our friends, family and peers, certain modules are prone to behave strangely now and then.

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