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AlphaBaby –
Don’t fooled by the name of this application. There are several uses with this application and can be used with much older kids. Especially if you want random generated letter/numbers/shapes/colors/pictures. This application can be used to teach the kids the names of the people/places etc.. using your own pictures. So the possibilities are endless. It can be customized to hide items you don’t want (example: if your kid already mastered colors, you can turn it off and focus on only the items you want to focus on. The app automatically say the out of the box items such as letters, numbers but it also allows you to record your own labeling especially useful for non-english speaking users and for pictures.

The free version only allows very few custom pictures but you may not need that feature until you are familiar with the app. Strongly encouraged to purchase this as soon as you are ready to teach places/people.

None at this time. Hopefully the developer may comeup with some.

Skills Taught: Sight words, Spelling, Addition, Subtraction

Area: Basic Skills Age: 2-8 yrs Cost: Free
Customizable: No Platform: iPhone/iPad Rating: *****

App Description from the developer

A favorite app from the Mac is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch! AlphaBaby Free is a fun app aimed at younger kids.

Touch the screen to show and hear letters and shapes. Flick them to send them flying across the screen. Press them and the letters shrink and grow.

Record your own voice for the letters and shapes. Add your own images from the camera or photo library, and record captions to match. Have your child record their own voice!

AlphaBaby Free is a free version of the AlphaBaby app, also available on the App Store. You are limited by how many sounds and pictures you can add to the app. Upgrading removes those limits and gives you more ways to customize AlphaBaby.

Give AlphaBaby Free a try and see how much fun it is to have your own voice speak the alphabet. Have your child record their own voice for the alphabet, or take turns recording fun captions for your own photos.

The possibilities are endless. You’ll grow tired of holding the phone for your 2 year old before they get bored of AlphaBaby!

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